Financial Crisis, Jocks Spur Sino-American Ties

Standing up for freedman is passe when you’re running the largest deficit (in terms of GDP) since 1945.

To Barack Obama, Henry Paulson, Tim Geithner, and Ben Bernanke, preventing politically connected bankers from losing money is as important as defeating Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan.

Victims of Communism Memorial

Some evidence of the collapse of an independent American security policy in the Pacific:

Obama losens missile technology controls to China
The closer we move to Beijing, the farther we move from democracy
U.S. Hopes to Strengthen Ties With China’s Expanding Military

So who are the friends of Geithner, the pals of Paulson, the men we are sacrificing our nation’s future to? According to one analysis: “guys from Harvard who had lower-than-average SAT scores (for Harvard) but played sports.” We threaten the long-term and short-term stability of our nation to save bankers from losing money, and the best a brain-dead opposition can come up with is criticize a government bureaucrat for clawing back one million out of trillions stolen.

The Obama Administration talks about reform while doing nothing. Government-funded banks like Bank of America continue to bleed billions, and will do so until we forgive the “loans” of these zombie banks.

It is probably good for China and the US to become closer friends — but I honestly did not except it to happen to a background of self-imposed collapse.

Update: More stories, all to a theme. Taxes will go up to pay for ObamaCare. Tom calls for no longer selling arms to Taiwan, in spite of US law. Tom cheerleads the collapse of the dollar, which its it harder for us to fund our SysAdmin and pay our debts.

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