Is a transcript of the Annita Dunn speech available?

Given that this argument appears to be between Glenn Beck and Barack Obama — two men I do not entirely trust — I would like some more context.

I appreciate Glenn Beck allowing Dunn to speak for about three minutes, but Anita Dunn‘s statement is so stupid and mindless that it is hard to take seriously. Anita’s statement sounds like someone praising Hitler for his tough but firm efforts to popularize beef consumption — the analogies baselessness is only trumped by its outrageousness. Mao Zedong — besides being the killer of millions of people, and someone who has harmed more people on both sides of my family than anyone else I can think of — was an advocate of Leninist centralism.

Anita Dunn has defended herself, and said she was only plagiarizing Lee Atwater. In which case, she should resign for being a plagiarist, like Bush aides did.

Alternatively, this is just another symptom of a frightening, and stupid, revisionism when it comes to Communist China. Chas Freeman withdrew his name from consideration when his bought-and-paid-for commentary on the Tiananmen Massacre (the government was too soft on the protesters) was brought to life. Anita Dunn should have the class of Chas Freeman.

In either case, Anita Dunn should resign,