14 thoughts on “The Handbook of 5GW: Dedication and Epigraph”

  1. Tao Te Ching #17

    The best of all rulers is but a shadowy presence to his subjects.
    Next comes the ruler they love and praise;
    Next comes one they fear;
    Next comes one with whom they take liberties.

    When there is not enough faith, there is lack of good faith.

    Hesitant, he does not utter words lightly.
    When his task is accomplished and his work done
    The people all say, ‘It happened to us naturally.’

    [trans. D.C. Lau]

    –although, translations vary, e.g., http://everything2.com/title/Tao+Te+Ching+17

  2. Whoever is first to recognize, understand, and implement a generational change can gain a decisive advantage.

    — Lind et al.

  3. Two thoughts:
    1) When things go badly, leaders get blamed. People have expectations that their leaders (Federal, Military, State, and Local) are thinking about worst cases and preparing.
    But what if nothing leaders have ever been taught or experienced is sufficient to the problem?
    2) “Yesle nye ya, to kto?”
    We all must do some learning, asking ourselves this question presented in John Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan – the unofficial motto of Russia’s elite counter-terrorism units – “if not me then who?”

  4. All of these are very thought provoking.

    I like the idea of using text from a Great Work.

    I like double or profound meanings.

    I like the ambiguity, and the doubt.

    I sent something to Fred. I hope it is good. It would not have been possible without all the comments I received. Thank you.

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