Taiwanese Medium Reveals Secrets

A Taiwanese medium has gone public, announcing that seances with “gods” are in fact… often seances with ghosts. Shocking!

Liu said that by the time she was 26 years old, she had become exhausted with the lifestyle of a medium and decided to change her life path. She revealed that some temple mediums actually communicate the messages of ghosts rather than gods. Liu related one example in which a woman who was ill wanted her to write out a prescription. Liu said she relied on the help of the spirit of Li Bao-yan, a doctor from the Ming dynasty. In this case, she said, she was actually a medium to a doctor, translating his instructions. It was not like she was communicating with a god, she said.

Liu, who is presently 30 years old, said in a frank manner that she is in fact no more than an ordinary student now. “People seemed to have overly high expectations of me in terms of my powers as a medium. It really puts a lot of pressure on me,” Liu said. She added that quite often whether people are able to get the result that they desire largely rests with themselves.

Liu stressed gods are not going to go out of their way to help devotees to achieve what the gods believe are unimportant things, such as making lots of money. She added that they are not going to use mediums to pass along messages of such little importance to them. As for the increasing number of people who desire to be mediums, Liu expressed a few words of caution, saying, “You better be careful about who you are communicating with. If it is a ghost, you could find yourself being tormented quite a bit.”

My original dissertation idea was foiled when my attempt to communicate with the god-beast Shub-Niggurath was found, in fact, merely to be a series of twitter conversations with small-time con artist from the early Merovingian Dynasty. Be careful!

The rest of the article is also interesting, especially the apparent proclivity of both Gods and ghosts to support local fundraising campaigns of the KMT.

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  1. So did Shub-Niggurath have a reputation for being the most wired of the Elder Gods, or do you just dig goats in an unhealthy way?*grin*

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