The Divergence Problem: The Flynn Effect of Tree Ring Data

After a whitleblower posted secret emails detailing Climate Gate, some have talked about the “divergence problem.” The divergence problem, statistically, is the problem that the latent factor of temperature that is indicated by tree ring data, among other indicators, does not appear to be invariant. That is, it is not indicated equally well by its indicators as time goes on.

An almost identical problem in pschological measurement is the Flynn Effect, which plays havoc with our understanding of Raven’s Progressive Matrices as an indicator of general intelligence.

Liberals and leftists argue that the Flynn Effect is evidence that there are not heritable and/or racial differnces in general intelligence. The same liberals and leftists simply restate the fact that there is a “divergence problem,” with respect to indocators of temperature, and act as if it is not a big deal.

The reason is simple: global warming is a useful lie. Whether one wants to fight Russia, or merely enact your own puritanical wonderful on everyone else, lowering CO2 emissions is a greaet way to go about it.

Of course, I do not want to say that global warming is on the same bar as racial theorists. I am aware of no organized conspiracy of racial theorists on par with the University of East Anglia to squash dissenting voices. Likewise, the University of East Anglia’s destruction of its original data, combined with its poorly written and non-peer-reviewed computer models, is far more reckless and slipshod than, say, anything Hernstein or Murray ever put out.

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