Congratulations Texas

It turns out that all you need to win a Big 12 Championship against a #22 team is refs who actively cheat for you.

The referees wanted a Big 12 Team in the BCS National Championship. Through their calling, they may get it.

Texas does not belong in the BCS National Championship.

Colt McCoy does not deserve a Heisman Trophy.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations Texas”

  1. Mark Ingram or Suh for Heisman!
    I am stunned at the corruption of the BCS.
    The only thing that will bring me joy is the utter destruction Alabama will wreak on Texas next month, and hopefully the same Navy will visit upon Texas A&M.

  2. I recall similar behavior in the Pitt-WVU game a few years ago.

    Conference referees have a personal and professional interest in the success of their conference — that means optimizing calling for setting up a team for the National Championship, not in a fair game.

    I can’t wait to see Texas to lose to their bowl opponent, now that they won’t get in-conference refs to fix it for them 😉

  3. Dan,

    Nebraska played great, and there were some bad calls, but the refs didn’t kick the ball out of bounds after Nebraska’s last score. That was a back breaker.

    I see that the line on the Alabama-Texas game is only 3-1/2 points. Take Alabama all the way to the bank on that one! I watched both games and unless Saban and Co. take their eyes off the prize, they will easily do to Texas what they did to Florida.


  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the call.

    Both Texas fieldgoals came after bizarre calls — the second (which was against Big 12 rules, but in keeping with NCAA rules) was the review of the clock without a review of the play. The more egregious one is that pass interference on an uncatchable ball that the receiver had given up on.

    The reason we had to go for two touchdown passes early in the game is that it’s well known that Big 12 refs are consistently biased in favor of the team with a chance at the BCS National Championship. Just winning wasn’t enough –we had to win by a large enough margin so that the refs couldn’t cheat. Obviously, we failed to do that.

    The phony drama of the last second field goal is just that. If the kicker had missed, a defensive penalty would have been called, giving their field goal kicker a second opportunity.

    Absolutely agreed on Alabama. They defeated a better team by us by a great margin, and their strength (defense) is even stronger than ours (defense). Only a psychological meltdown (entirely possible — they are college kids, after all) keeps Bama from the title.

  5. I also enjoy how the BCS cartel forces TCU-Boise St. to play each other (in order to prevent the terrible prospect of 2 undefeated small conference teams beating the pants off overrated Big 10 Iowa and overrated ACC champ Georgia Tech (which pains me to say, because I like Paul Johnson).

    I do hope Cincy beats UF, at least to add two more undefeated teams to the mix at the end of the season who got screwed out of a chance at the title they deserve to be able to play for, especially considering the pathetic non-conference schedules of Florida and Texas (at least Alabama played VT).

  6. No wonder Orin Hatch was angry enough to push for Congressional hearings…

    The NCAA was itself created under politician pressure from President Theodore Roosevelt, outraged by the ‘wedge’ offensive formation. They are playing with fire if they fail to hide their corruption like this…

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