5 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Cornhuskers!”

  1. Solid game by Nebraska, showing that they fully deserved to be in that Big-12 Title Game (and, IMHO, should be in a BCS bowl instead of the ‘horns). Surprised that the Wildcats didn’t show better — after all, they were 2nd in the PAC-10 this season. Last year the PAC-10 won six of six bowl games; this year we’ll be lucky to win four of seven.

  2. Wonderful to see Navy defeat Missouri as well.

    The Auburn-Northwestern game was bizarre. I began rooting against the Big 10, as always, but Auburn proved so amazingly incompetent when it came to avoiding self-inflicted wounds, I changed sides!

  3. The Air Force/Houston was a let-down in many ways. Navy-Missouri was great… my only lament of Navy’s year was our two losses to Temple and Ohio State in games we very well could have won.

    Nebraska-Arizona was the first game we watched in our new place of residence in ESPN HD. My wife was bored before halftime though, wondering again where the mercy rule for the hapless Wildcats was. That was the best defensive performance by a team in a bowl game I have seen.

    Did you enjoy the FSU-WV game? I thought Bowden was a goner after that first WV TD but was once again pleased to see the power of pride and motivation in their comeback victory.

  4. The Alabama-Texas game is on. I’m pretty sure I want Texas to loose, for the sake of revenge for their cheated victory, but if they do win, it means the Huskers beat the BCS Champions!

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