Avatar Imax 3D

I liked the film quite a big, back when it was made fifteen years ago, was called Dances with Wolves, and didn’t have the weird left-wing Vietnam fantasy ending.

David Brooks calls the film racist. The only question is if the film is racist against whites, racist against non-whites, or simply misanthropic against everyone in general. (Or biased against alien species?). Either way, the plot is a joke.

But then again, the plot of most games by iD Software have been a joke, too.

Avatar is a 2.5 hour tech demo. It is an amazing demonstration of the way that movies, television (especially sports), and video games will look in the future.

10 thoughts on “Avatar Imax 3D”

  1. Agreed — technically impressive, visually stunning, but bottom line it’s tired plot is akin to Dance with Wolves-meets-Braveheart-meet-The Matrix.

  2. The ironic thing is, despite the plot, I couldn’t help but contemplate the universe of the film. Particularly, the dynamics of evolution on Pandora and the political atmosphere of Earth at the time.

    Of course, this illustrates one of the biggest challenges of scifi/fantasy. Half the time, you are constructing the universe in which the plot takes place, and the challenge comes from having to fit this not only into the plot, but also constructing plot elements apart from explaining the universe.

    Perhaps this explains why novels in the genre are so damn long, and further explains why cinema isn’t the best medium for said genre.

  3. I’m not talking about the one he did when he was with the tribe. I’m talking about that one he was doing by himself around the fire. Every liberal (white) male does this dance.

  4. Don’t forget Fern Gully. Thread is useless without a Fern Gully reference. Meh. The plot was more than predictable, but most people hate complexity. This film had to appeal to most people or it would fail.
    But it sure was pretty.

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