The Purposeful Destruction of our National Infrastructure

The infrastructure of our nation — our science and our markets — are being dismantled to enrich Friends of the Administration

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Capitalism and markets work. Innovation works. It is the fast-pace of innovations in videogames that lets a $99 Wii balance board outperform a $17,885 medical device in tests. Science lets us build machines by the atom

Instead, we destroy our markets and our scientists by subsidizing casino cronyism. The HUD announced it will subsidize house flipping

While it’s funny that our country is so science-illiterate that an 11-year-old’s science fair project leads to a lockdown, bomb squad, and suspension. But there’s nothing at all funny about what the Oligarchs are doing to our country.

So what do we do?

*: Fire Bernanke.
*: Celebrate those who refuse to transfer wealth to the Friends of the Administration
*: Take away this Administration’s super-majority in the Senate.

Fight the Oligarchs. Fire Bernanke.
Fight the Oligarchs. Fight the speculators.
Fight the Oligarchs. Defeat Martha Coakley.

4 thoughts on “The Purposeful Destruction of our National Infrastructure”

  1. Dan,

    That teeny reference to the nano robotic arm will, in ten years, prove to be the biggest news of 2010. But on the rest of the rant, I’m with Purpleslog!


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