Some Thoughts on Haiti

Yesterday, my old friend Jeffrey sent me a draft petition, criticizing Fox News for not having enough Haiti-related coverage, and not doing enough to support Haitian relief.

While I applaud Jeffrey’s civic-mindedness, I cannot support such a petition. Haiti’s root problem is not an earthquake, or even poverty. It is a absence of civil society and an absence of a functioning government.

Haiti does not need more aid. Haiti needs to be conquered by an Imperialist power able to dedicate enough blood and treasure into turning Haiti in a quasi-functional colony.

The worst disaster in Haitian history was the Rebellion of 1791, though many disasters along these lines are regularly appear in Haitian history. Probably the second worst disaster for the Haitian people was the Monroe Doctrine, which cruelly prohibited the Haitians of living in the shade of an Imperial Power that may have, eventually, provided some form of indigenous civil society on that awful half of an island.

I applaud FoxNews for focusing on news about which Americans might actually do something, such as the victory of Scott Brown, the defeat of ObamaCare, and the Apple Tablet.