Some Thoughts on Haiti

Yesterday, my old friend Jeffrey sent me a draft petition, criticizing Fox News for not having enough Haiti-related coverage, and not doing enough to support Haitian relief.

While I applaud Jeffrey’s civic-mindedness, I cannot support such a petition. Haiti’s root problem is not an earthquake, or even poverty. It is a absence of civil society and an absence of a functioning government.

Haiti does not need more aid. Haiti needs to be conquered by an Imperialist power able to dedicate enough blood and treasure into turning Haiti in a quasi-functional colony.

The worst disaster in Haitian history was the Rebellion of 1791, though many disasters along these lines are regularly appear in Haitian history. Probably the second worst disaster for the Haitian people was the Monroe Doctrine, which cruelly prohibited the Haitians of living in the shade of an Imperial Power that may have, eventually, provided some form of indigenous civil society on that awful half of an island.

I applaud FoxNews for focusing on news about which Americans might actually do something, such as the victory of Scott Brown, the defeat of ObamaCare, and the Apple Tablet.

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  1. Good, if grim, point; technically speaking, we have not one but two cities to rebuild:(

    2 questions: Would Haiti be in its current shape if its neighbors and France had let it go without fights and reparations? And- since such a scenario is hard to imagine, realistically- would it be in its current shape if Jefferson, et al, had taken it over and made it a colony, territory or state?

  2. I agree mostly with you, though I second Michael’s observation about the brutal manner in which any potential Haiti had was strangled with decades of antagonistic treatment from its neighbors crippling its trade and financial warfare from France destroying its budgets.

    However, in response to your larger point, is it not a sign of how decayed and useless Haiti is to most nations in that the only imperial powers interested in assuming power and influence there appear to be the Bolivarian axis states?

  3. I wonder: If it was agreed to by the Haitian people, would re-colonization by an international organization be acceptable?

  4. I guess I would disagree with the premise of the petition. Fox news has had much coverage of the earthquake and aftermath. Maybe the opinion shows haven’t been dedicated to it, but so what? The news shows have been.

    I know the left feels it has to bash Fox news, but I find that sort of thing (like news channel vs news channel fights) pretty boring.

  5. @Purpleslog

    I disagree with the premise of the channel having “much coverage,” but given that other media outlets are now becoming as desensitized to the situation as Fox News’ initial response, it may turn out that going ahead with my petition my not be as constructive as I hoped it would be.

    Anyways, here is the rough draft I sent Dan. You can decide whether I am “bashing” Fox News.

    “We, the undersigned, are circulating this petition as a result of the lack of content related to Haitian news and relief on the Fox News Channel and are, as a result, demanding that News Corporation provide significantly more content concerning Haitian new and relief.

    The reason we are motivated to do this is because, on the night of the Hope for Haiti Now telethon (January 22, 2010), Fox News is noticeably absent from broadcasting said event. Fox News’ absence is even more significant when you compound this with the fact that there are 26 channels all together on one of the undersigned’s cable service hosting this event, so we believe that all television channels that have a stated dedication to 24 hours of news should at least be among those channels doing so.

    All in all, the undersigned don’t wish to get into the possible dynamics as to why the media conglomerate in question is withholding coverage of this event on one of its channels, nor the issue as to why Haitian news has been so scant on said channel. Still, the fact remains that there is a significant demographic of people who both watch Fox News and don’t change the channel for the whole entire night, and for this reason they are being desensitized from the situation in Haiti as a result.

    Grant, it is worth pointing out that News Corporations Fox Broadcasting is covering the above stated telethon, and the undersigned applauds them for doing so, but we ask that you sign this petition and ask News Corporation to go the extra mile. With your help in bringing this issue to light, the undersigned hopes to get this issue resolved in the most constructive and proactive way possible.”

    Note: It may be giving News Corp. a little too much credit for Fox Broadcasting’s coverage since it may depend more on the authority of local affiliates to do so and not News Corp. itself, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  6. I was not around or watching TV on 1/22 so I am not sure about that day. I had watched plenty of coverage of Haiti on Fox News on other days. I would also flip over to CNN.

    To be honest, the petition seems to be about making the signers feel better (“look see how much we really care!”), then actually helping Haitians. I suppose that is true of most on-line petitions.

  7. “To be honest, the petition seems to be about making the signers feel better (“look see how much we really care!”)”

    In that regard, I can’t deny that I chose my words carefully. I am sure that there are people that would get an ego trip from the petition, but I suppose I can only offer my word in that I meant only sincerity when coming up with the rough draft.


    While economic development by way of outside interest is a great long term strategy: What is wrong with reconciling the immediate situation with the present relief effort?

  8. Purpleslog,

    I think you’re on to something. Generally, people who go looking for “racism” are usually lacking in ability or other skills. There’s a whole industry dedicated to this called “anti-racism.” Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.

  9. Of course, there’s not anything more morally wrong with this, any there is anything morally wrong with, say, giving cash grants to the homeless, instead of spending that money on mental health research & treatment.

  10. BTW, here’s thought on Haiti. It is a terrible mess down there. They do not have a GOV capable of governing. This will not get better doing things in the future the way they have done things in the past.

    The UN should, with the approval of the Haiti parliament, turn the Haitian state over to the UN, which should assign authority to the USA via a Haitian Mandate with a 30 year timetable.

    The US should provide security and day-to-day governing, and co-ordinate sysadmin/nation-building with the NGO and especially the OAS.

    After 30 years, Haitians can have a referendum to become independent again, or to continue the mandate for another 10 years, or (only if the US agrees), become either a US territory(implied statehood path) or a US Commonwealth like Puerto Rico (implied non-statehood path).

  11. Purpleslog’s idea is clever, and would be best for the people of Haiti, but could not happen within the UN framework.

    China would ask for a Protectorate over Taiwan. Russia over Georgia. The 3rd world lobby would go berserk over paranoid dreams of France and England.

    Now if we could give Haiti to India…

  12. There’s a very important lesson to learn from Haiti. Two hundred and six years (1804-2010) is not long enough for an African derived nation to recover from exploitation.

  13. Did you guys know that all of the professional grade baseballs are made in Haiti?
    We’re so caught up in saving the rest of the world, that our own country is drowning in “entitlement”. When we begin to treat Native Americanss right, and put evil people in the 8×8 concrete and steel cells they belong in, and stop paying more for their health care than we do for our Veterans and senior citizens, then we “might” have a right to dictate how Haiti recovers and is governed.
    Aren’t you the least bit curious why Puerto Rico has continued to decline statehood, because they have a free ride and don’t want to give that up.
    Am I a “Liberal” no!
    Am I a “Conservative” no!
    I’m a free thinking red/white/blue blooded American who is fed up with entitlement and Billionaires who give less money to charity than I do, which is 10% on any good year.
    I don’t see Bill Gates, or Oprah jumping up and donating huge sums of money. Where is the large donation from “Mr Budweiser McCain”? or all of these pro ball players, especially the ones of ethnic heritage. No, its the average good hearted America texting a $10 donation to some useless charity group like the Red Cross, which sends less than 40% of funds raised to the field who si spending their money to help these people.
    My last comment…when Humpty Dumpty (U.S.A.) takes a great fall
    who is going to be there to put us back together again…no one!
    We won the Cold War by driving Russia into bankruptcy, and guess what, there won’t be any Chapter 11 for us, or children or our grand children.
    But then, that’s just oneVeterans opinion…

    As for Fox News, I watch all 5 world news channels, and find that they are all fence riders, and none of them want anything but good ratings.

  14. “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.”

    Or anti-non-white, in the case of people who make a living whining about affirmative action.

    “Purpleslog’s idea is clever, and would be best for the people of Haiti, but could not happen within the UN framework.

    China would ask for a Protectorate over Taiwan. Russia over Georgia. The 3rd world lobby would go berserk over paranoid dreams of France and England.

    Now if we could give Haiti to India…”

    Key difference: Neither Taiwan nor Georgia has had its largest cities leveled by repeated natural disasters. Nor does either country appear repeatedly in FP magazine’s top list of disaster areas. The comment about paranoid dreams is spot on, though. One reason I suggested an international organization–you can divide the workload between different nations and swap them out as politically necessary.

    Thought on a different subject: Has anyone heard if a pattern’s been found to why some buildings survived in Port-Au-Prince where most did not? The plight of the Haitian President on the first night suggests it is more complicated than- if not unrelated to- the wealth and power of the builders.

  15. “Or anti-non-white, in the case of people who make a living whining about affirmative action.” (Michael)

    Unforchunately its not easy to make a living opposing affirmative action (as opposed to anti-racism which is actually funded by the major institutions of our society). Its ironic too, seeing that AA does discriminate against whites, while “racism” is an imaginary concept which plays the same role as “sin” did in Medieval Christianity (ie.., a way for elites to control the population).

    Anti-racism is code for anti-white.

  16. Purpleslog,

    A stopped clock is right twice a day. Perhaps we could pay someone to take the Haitians away, so that half of Hispanola can be more rapidly developed?


    Neither Taiwan nor Georgia has had its largest cities leveled by repeated natural disasters.

    True, though relevant only on the day that Russia or China put reasonableness over proportionality in their foreign relations. 😉


    Gates donate money where it can do systemic good, not in feel good places where it gets thrown away (as in Haiti).


    There’s probably something to do the thought that the places in the Western Hemisphere where Vodun [1] survived also have completely dysfunctional political systems.


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