The Dog that Did Not Bite

I have been following this for a week, and so far, nothing from Chinese sources.

For the first time, probably ever, a Republic of China (Taiwan) military jet landed in California. The purpose of the trip was for President Ma of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to visit local leaders in California before heading to Honduras.


8 thoughts on “The Dog that Did Not Bite”

  1. If this is really MAD, then I’d love to know what would be the “SDI for the 21st Century.”

  2. I Just heard something on the TV about the PRC stopping military exchanges with the USA. I didn’t quite hear it all as I was booting up my computer and still a bit sleepy.

  3. Perhaps a more likely response than selling arms to Cuba would be a Chinese base in Pakistan [1]…

    The CCP and USA are in a position where neither can be seen on backing down to the other, but both wish to support the KMT. The USA cannot allow Taiwan to fall by force without a serious loss of face, the CCP cannot allow Taiwan to gain de jure independence, and the KMT cannot become solely dependent on only one sponsor. As long as President Ma’s type remain in control, everyone wins.


  4. Don’t suppose Obama’s trying to get a three-way together with Ma and Hu to cut down on the shadowpuppet politics? It’d be nice, anyway . . .

  5. Sadly, the Shadow-Puppet politics use to serve to distract everyone from a debate with real benefits (globalization) and real drawbacks (1914-style destruction of the world system). So yeah, everyone has fun pretending to freak out over Patriot missiles.

    It will be interesting to see India’s reaction to China’s encirclement of her…

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