China News

United States Taiwan Defense Command has to be the coolest military-related website, ever.

An unclassified DIA report was released last month on the military of the Republic of China on Taiwan. In related news, the USS Nimitz visited Hong Kong, as the Google-China spat blows over.

The formula “The Republic of China on Taiwan” is back in vogue again, following the KMT’s recent election victory. The previous government preferred The Republic of China (Taiwan). Adoption of this change in formula varies by office. The Information Office is “Government Information Office, Republic of China,” while the Diplomatic Missions is “Portal of Republic of China (Taiwan) Diplomatic Missions

Whatever you call it, Taiwan is now a thriving democracy, which means embarrassing Presidential by-elections, critical election movies, and all the other fun of a modern, democratic society.

Academic Badness

Amy Bishop, besides gunning down her fellow faculty, is also accused of killing her brother, not updating her research plan, has an IQ of 180, protected by her sex and class, a geek, and arrogant.

Clearly, killing your co-workers is not a way to win friends!

So far, no one has accused her of being a cheater, a plagiarist, or stupid.

She taught in the best academic environment in the world, one where the form of production is structured conversation.

And she threw that away by murder.