5 thoughts on “Regulator and Competitor”

  1. That was largely my reading of this whole kabuki theater. Although, I think there is also a bit of vengeance & nativism involved as well. In a year, this whole thing will be just a sad memory and Toyota will remain the pre-eminent car company in the world.


  2. “The Federal Government holds a witch-hunt against Toyota”

    Yeah, what else is there to say about a car manufacturer that recalls 8 million vehicles? Did you expect the feds to give them a freakin’ medal?

  3. I could agree, but one thing leaps out to me about it that makes it less political theater and more mammoth corporate screwup.

    “Outside experts have suggested electronic problems.”

    If Toyota is not coming clean on this now and yet the “experts” in the industry trade mags both here and abroad keep saying this, it could be setting up Toyota for an even bigger loss of face if it turns out to be true (which it likely is, as I wonder how a guy here in NC who just got his Toyota worked on at the dealer for this and had no floor mats still had an accident matching one of the touted scenarios last week.

    Honda and Hyundai are loving this. Hopefully they learn from Toyota’s costly mistake; don’t grow too big too fast and undercut your QC.

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