6 thoughts on “Build an Army of Robots… and Invade the Moon!”

  1. Hopefully, there will come a day when technology is advanced enough that a human being could live economically independent from Earth. In the meantime, it seems we must compensate for our inability to overcome the fragility of the human body.

  2. This is exactly what we need for the creation of moon based solar panels. This will allow the United States to become the energy provider for the world. We could potentially become the Saudi Arabia of solar energy. Of course, this will depend on how far earth based solar power advances. IOW, people on earth might not need a central provider.

  3. As long as the robots and clones are careful [1] of how they store any nuclear waste on the moon.


    Seriously, I like Seerov idea, but wouldn’t it be easy to just have solar power satellites in Earth Orbit? Or is the idea that the robots working on the moon’s surface wold have 3 advantages:

    1) Use the moon for raw materials for solar panels and more robots to keep lift costs low

    2) Earth orbit doesn’t get cluttered with solar power satellites.

    I think the key techs here:
    1) Robots that can build solar panels and related from stuff already on the moon
    2) Robots that can build robots from stuff already on the moon
    3) Microwave technology to get the energy to the earth

    That would sure be a fun start-up to work on!!!

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