The Bad and the Good

The ratio of Obama’s presidency is 3-7: for every three natural disasters, seven man-made disasters.

On Open and Closed Government

Bad news:

The Obama Administration and Goldman Sachs are in a kabuki dance with the intent on institutionalizing the bailout system.

The Obama Administration wants to make it illegal to buy computers without spyware. Seperately, Obama is negotiationg a copyright ‘treaty’ in secret, and won’t let you see the working text.

Chinese science produces faked results. So does British science.a

Obama is fighting a class war against the middle class, to make sure the poor never have to earn money and the rich never have to lose money

The Good News:

The ClimateGate scandal is forcing more scientific data to be shared.

The SEC is considering that regulatory code by written in a way that can be automatically checked by computers. Too bad no one required that ObamaCare be logically consistent.

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