2 thoughts on “Anthropogenic Global Warming Cultists Sue Skeptics”

  1. The larger issue here is the decline of free speech, is it not? Libel laws in some countries (such as GB) degrade free speech by pushing the burden of proof squarely on the person making the claim, with financial punishment if the litigant has better legal representation. The result is that people won’t even bother voicing their opinions in the first place.

    Some countries, like the US, have laws meant to protect certain groups from hate speech (perhaps for good reason, but not without side effects). Hence, voicing opinions in regard to ethnicity, gender, etc, can become a huge liability, meaning people will withhold such opinions rather than take the risk of job-related difficulties. (Larry Summers comes to mind…)

    Free speech isn’t merely hindered by societal group-think but by the sometimes heavy hand of government.

    Agree? Disagree?

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