New Position

Last year I graduated with my PhD, and went to work in the Seattle area for a specialized consulting firm. Both of my projects required me to work at “Microsoft.

Recently the opportunity to work on a new project came up, in the “Windows / Windows Live Division.” This division of Microsoft is the group that puts out products such as Windows 7, SkyDrive, and Internet Explorer 9. The project is data intensive, very cool, but under higher levels of secrecy than the work I did before. As such only direct Microsoft employees, and not third-party consultants, work on it.

Anyway, this is all to say three things…

1. I am now an official Microsoft employee
2. I do not speak for Microsoft in any way
3. I’m not a Microsoft spokesman (really!)

So if I say good things about PowerPoint, OpenDocument, Sony, or Bill Gates, or diss Google or Vista (multiple times!), it is because I believe those things (or have been brainwashed), and they do not reflect company policy.

Aside from a request to emphasize that I am not a company spokesman, blogging simply does not enter into my evaluation. There is no reward for saying cool things about products, nor any sanction for dissing them. I may well be brainwashed, but whatever I say is not from Microsoft Public Relations or Investor Relations. It’s from me. 🙂