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Last year I graduated with my PhD, and went to work in the Seattle area for a specialized consulting firm. Both of my projects required me to work at “Microsoft.

Recently the opportunity to work on a new project came up, in the “Windows / Windows Live Division.” This division of Microsoft is the group that puts out products such as Windows 7, SkyDrive, and Internet Explorer 9. The project is data intensive, very cool, but under higher levels of secrecy than the work I did before. As such only direct Microsoft employees, and not third-party consultants, work on it.

Anyway, this is all to say three things…

1. I am now an official Microsoft employee
2. I do not speak for Microsoft in any way
3. I’m not a Microsoft spokesman (really!)

So if I say good things about PowerPoint, OpenDocument, Sony, or Bill Gates, or diss Google or Vista (multiple times!), it is because I believe those things (or have been brainwashed), and they do not reflect company policy.

Aside from a request to emphasize that I am not a company spokesman, blogging simply does not enter into my evaluation. There is no reward for saying cool things about products, nor any sanction for dissing them. I may well be brainwashed, but whatever I say is not from Microsoft Public Relations or Investor Relations. It’s from me. 🙂

7 thoughts on “New Position”

  1. Congratulations!

    As a user of Microsoft products, I do believe SkyDrive is their best idea in at least a decade. I use it daily.

    It seems that there is still room for M.S. to move into the iOS and Android space. I currently do a surprising amount of typing on my Ipad using Pages, but I would gladly switch to an M.S. Word app that was heavily integrated with SkyDrive.

  2. Brent,


    We have an iPad that we use quite a bit, but I think the cloud in general holds a lot of problem — if MS combines SkyDrive, Mesh, and Office Online in an easy-to-use way (or if Google or Amazon does something equivalent), it will be very cool 🙂

  3. What we the frequent readers of this blog really want to know is: did you have any choice in the location of your new mandatory MS logo/barcode tattoo?

  4. lolz 🙂 A lot of access in Redmond is determined by if your ID badge color is “orange” (implying contingent staff, consultants, third-party staff, etc.) or “blue” (W-2 employees of Microsoft). So the answer to your q. is, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s blue. 🙂

  5. Congrats Dan!

    Does this mean you will upgrade to PS3 and NCAA Football 2012, where you can create your own super conference as part of your dynasty? (or have you already bought it?)

  6. All well and good. I hope that no part of the hiring process included the implantation of any sort of chips, or wires, or transmitters in or around your cerebral cortex? But then you would be allowed to retain memory of having accepted that precondition? 😉

    As a side-note, but really on topic, I’m very, very happy with Windows 7. Especially the networking aspects, since most requirements are very well automated. Also, I’m glad to be rid of those pop-up bubbles for EVERY SINGLE EVENT.

    Really hate WMC and WMP. Seriously, has Microsoft abandoned the entertainment sphere to focus on being a better work horse? Is that the agreement reached behind-doors w/ Jobs? A division of labor?

    Anywho. I don’t own an i-anything, beyond iTunes on my Windows 7-powered home pc.

    And yes, I know your chip won’t allow you to answer any of those questions!

  7. Eddie,

    Already pre-ordered NCAA Football 12 for the 360 😉


    The only time I have ever been glad to install Vista was on my mother-in-law’s computer, which was in a virus-rich environment (Beijing) where Vista’s security was absolutely critical. Otherwise, I’m glad that 7 is Vista — but not broken! 🙂

    While I have no memory of my memory being wiped… my undersatnding of WMC/WMP (based on no inside knowledge whatsoever) is that, like Internet Explorer, development of it was hampered by the Anti-Trust Settlement (which just expired). WMC/WMP seem to compete against the Zune software, and I guess (but have no actual knowledge) that decisions in that area were driven by a desire not to run afoul of the DOJ.

    That said… the Anti-Trust settlement has expired. Engadget’s preview of Win8 makes it look like IE10 is deeply integrated into Windows now. Perhaps the bad old days are drawing to an end (or perhaps not!)

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