Some Thoughts on Being a Professional

Catholicgauze has an awesome post about geo-literacy. He references several careers for the geo-literate, that is, geographers, including:

  • Real estate analyst
  • Market Research
  • Political Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy

Note the common theme: all of these things allow someone who loves geography to do what they love, while getting paid, and building expertise.

A career is really a process of finding a way to do the following three things simultaneously:
1. Do something you love
2. Do something you get paid for doing
3. Do what you can be the best in the world at

It’s as dangerous, I think, to focus only on maximizing how much you love your job, without regard to the other two, as it would be to maximize your pay, without regard to the other two.

A professional should wisely combine what he loves with what he can be an expert in, and what he can get paid for doing.

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