New Blog Recommendation

New Blog Recommendation

You read tdaxp, so you’re smart.

That’s self-serving flattery, but not untrue. If you’re reading this post, you like intelligent, thought-provoking, and unexpectedly combative posts, like my posts on education reform, scientific research programs, the rise of Christianity, and the Chinese Civil War. You’re the sort of person who probably has also read Tom Barnett on globalization, Mark Safranski on history, Razib Khan on genetics, Catholicgauze on geography, and Lion of the Blogosphere on social class.

With this in mind, I recommend Miss Nurse, RN.

(Parenthetical note:I am writing this from China, and the only one of these sites to be blocked is Lion of the Blogosphere and Miss Nurse, RN. Make of that what you will.)

I have little tolerance for health-advise pseudoscience or sophistry, but I like how “Miss Nurse” takes a critical but educated view of personal health. Her posts don’t treat the reader as an idiot, and have no easy answers.

In other words, they are what we need as we become a sicker and sicker society.

Read Miss Nurse, RN.

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