Travels to the Far East

Several years ago on Coming Anarchy, “Curzon” jounred across Far East, including the cities of Tokyo, city of Nanjing, Shanghai, and Suzhou.

Sun Yatsen Mausoleum

I just got back from a month long trip, in which I visited these cities as well as a few new ones, such as Phnom Penh and Ubud. The journey was remarkable, and the admiration I had for the writers over at Coming Anarchy played a big role in keeping me interested in traveling.

Thanks, guys!

7 thoughts on “Travels to the Far East”

  1. Their blog was so cool!

    I’ve met one and am facebook friends with the other. Curzon is working overseas in an exciting job, and Younghusband is currently active in the start-up scene. I haven’t kept up with Chirol…

  2. Chirol is doing very well with his wife & kids in the DC area. We see them about once a year and had the great fortune of seeing Curzon in Japan this summer.

    They had a fantastic blog…..

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