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Hillary Clinton Proud of Palin

Obama has a habit of holding grudges against those who do not support him.  It’s one of his “Bush III” qualities which raise red-flags about his ability to lead the country.  Hillary Clinton is one of the victims of Obama’s vindictiveness, so it’s not surprising that she’s not simply parroting his party line on Sarah Palin, McCain’s pick for Vice President:

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton praised the historic nature of John McCain’s vice presidential selection in a brief statement released Friday that was eagerly anticipated by both presidential campaigns.

“We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain,” Clinton, the first woman to win a presidential primary, said in the statement. “While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”

Palin directly mentioned Clinton by name in her acceptance speech earlier Friday, saying, “Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.”

Clinton’s statement reacting to Palin is markedly different than the Obama campaign’s initial reaction which made no mention of the historic nature of the Alaska Republican’s VP candidacy — instead painting her as woefully inexperienced to be commander-in-chief. The Obama campaign later released a joint statement from both the Illinois senator and his running mate, Joe Biden, praising Palin for making history.

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Finally, an attractive Vice Presidential candidate!

Biden is an acceptable Choice

I agree with Tom completely on Biden:

No harm done (Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog)
Biden will be a good campaigner and brings a lot of nice foreign policy credentials. Plus he’s very establishment-looking, so Obama’s riskiness factor is somewhat addressed.

Difference maker?

Better said: no harm done.

I made a similar point (if with someone more pointed verbage) a while ago:

Barack Obama is the candidate of the Establishment, “Dr. No-Change,” who will flip and flop with the views of the Establishment of the government and the Democratic Party. This might be a good thing. Having a smart, intelligent, and ambitiousness President would lead to changes, some of which may be harmful. As it is, Obama’s plan to coast on our greatness isn’t half bad.

Obama’s selection of Joe Biden, one of the top Democratic establishment politicians with regards to foreign policy, is good news. It effectively repudiates most of his rhetoric during the campaign, and instead promises an administration which is right out of the cookie-cutter left-of-center mold.

Neither liberal nor conservative, an Obama administration would bring a Brookings Institution nirvana of foreign policy. That is not half bad.

Obama’s Tax Gimmick

First Obama was for small budget deficits. Then he decided he really wanted more investment. For a while it looked like he was going to support universal health care. But now he wants young poor workers to subsidize rich old men and women.

My Way News – Obama’s ‘no income taxes on seniors’ draws critics
WASHINGTON (AP) – If you’re a senior citizen and earn less than $50,000 a year, Barack Obama has a deal for you: a life free of federal income tax.

Sounds appealing, right? Maybe to many seniors. But tax policy experts in Washington are giving it bad reviews. They see it as another subsidy for senior citizens, who already get federal help through Social Security and Medicare and often have economic advantages over other demographic groups.

Seniors typically have paid off their mortgages, many have investments and usually don’t pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. The kids are usually grown, so they’re not saddled with day care or college costs.

“The odds are the retired folks – they’re getting pensions, they’re getting Social Security, they have investment assets, they own a house – so … they’re better off than somebody who is 30 or 40 years younger who’s trying to buy a house (and) trying to start saving,” said Clint Stretch, managing principal of tax policy for Deloitte Tax.

What is Obama thinking? Is he serious? I realize he is not much smarter than George W. Bush was in 2000 when it comes to policy, but even Bush’s income tax cuts could theoretically have worked.

Obama’s tax plan looks like a bigoted attempt to buy off the vote of rich seniors, forcing young workers who are trying to afford health insurance, buy a home, or pay off their student loan to subsidize those with a lot more wealth than they have.

I Hereby Apologize to Paris Hilton

I’ve been wrong in the past. For instance, I wrongly supported the Democrats in 2006, advocated to swift withdrawal from Iraq, and opposed the Surge. I was wrong.

I also was wrong in my post “Leave Obama Alone!,” which contained a mocking reference to Paris Hilton in reference to Barack Obama. When I compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton, I unfairly insulted Paris Hilton. I apologize.

On energy policy, Paris Hilton is better spoken, more knowledgeable, and more sensible than Barack Obama. Paris’ enegrgy plan correctly distinguishes between medium-term and long-term solutions, and recognizes that a plan which frees us from foreign order needs to substitute foreign oil with American oil, while we are building the capacity to substitute foreign oil with renewable fuels.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

I am completely serious. With regard to energy policy, if Paris was running as an independent, she would be superior to Barack Obama. The Obama’s Camp response, “whatever,” is typical of the elitist smartest-man-in-the-room-vibe that Obama exudes. McCain’s much smarter, noting that Paris has joined the yes-coalition that supports of all feasible options.

Paris Hilton, a celebrity famous for a privileged heritage and a sex tape, is an interesting contrast to Barack Obama, a celebrity famous for a privileged heritage and being able to read a speech. It proves that just because one gets ahead through a ‘legacy system’ and milking the media, it doesn’t mean one has to be a fool or a naif. Obama should pay attention. Barack has a lot to learn from Paris.

McCain at the National Urban League

The moderator said that McCain was the first Presidential candidate to accept questions at the National Urban League to take questions. And McCain took a lot of them. John is clearly fast on his, and it’s not surprising that Barack does not want to debate McCain in an informal setting.

Two major issues caught my attention. One McCain answered very well. The other less so.

On Crime, McCain emphasized Rudy Giuliani’s success in New York. He went a step beyond that to emphasize that similar tactics are working in Iraq, and they work for the same reasons: without security nothing is possible, but once security exists, the foundations for growth and trust exist. Obama, by contrast, opposes urban counter-insurgency operations. Obama supports a ‘Rumsfeld Doctrine’ of minimal policing both at home and abroad. I think that is dangerous, and McCain’s response is the way to go.

Unfortunately, McCain was weak on health care. He said he wanted every Ameriacn to have the opportunity to purchase health care, but did not emphasize the need for universal coverage that is required to keep America. Fareed Zakaria described this dynamic well in The Post American World (which I previously reviewed). We already have socialized health care in this country, and if we’re going to have this degree of massive government interference, we can at least create a system where losing your job doesn’t mean losing your health.

Obama’s tax and spend energy policy… is not that bad

Amateur Economist calls it “ignorance, arrogance, and socialism.” Crush Liberalism is profane. The heritage foundation is simply sarcastic. But is Obama’s plan to tax oil companies to provide a second round of “rebate” checks reasonable?

Think back to April 2005: oil was approximately $50/barrel, and I suggested a tax to raise the average price of gas to $5/gallon. Along with this I wanted to rebate the proceeds to the population on a per capita basis, so those that used less gas would actually profit from the gas tax.

The world ignored me, gas prices shot up to more than $4/gallon anyway. This has similar “demand destruction” consequences as my plan, but instead of Americans receiving monthly rebate checks, people who happen to have oil to sell (including the oil companies, but mainly including thugs such as Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, King Abdullah, and so on).

Obama’s plan works like an attemp to half-implement my plan, doing nothing to prevent the massive transfer of wealth from the Core to natural resource providers, while rolling back the relatively negligible transfer of wealth from consumers to oil companies. Obama’s plan does not address the real issues. But that does not mean it is terrible.

The record oil company profits exist because the government failed to implement my plan earlier. Consumers feel squeeze because the government failed to implement my plan. Both Obama and McCain invision making things a little better, but ultimately Obama’s tax-and-spend approach is marginally superior to McCain’s gas-tax-holiday, merely because Obama’s plan continues to keep the price at the pump high and rewards Americans for not using gasoline.

To quote Obama: “I have to vote for Barack”

This is even better than the Paris Hilton ad!

Now, in fairness, it may not be fair for Republicans to criticize Barack “Bush III” Obama for religiosu rhetoric analogous to what got Bush II in trouble with the leftwing netroots. Still, when the leftwing of American politics transparently uses politics for political advantage without believing it it, it leads one to make the sort of tone-deaf pseudoreligious statements that Obama is known for.

Obama Cries Racism

The video is at ABC News. The words:

“Nobody thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face. So what they are going to try to do is make you scared of me,” Obama warned, “You know he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all of those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Like a child who has learned to make a scene, Obama has long since learned that people will go easy on him if he complains about racism while speaking standard American English. Having likely received every position he ever held because of his race, a world without affirmative action is a world inconceivable to Barack Obama. Whenever things do not go well for him, Obama has learned to complain of racism.

What a cry baby.

Hat-tip to the Weekly Standard.