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MyDD: Geithner et al part an organized criminal conspiracy

MyDD: Geithner et al part an organized criminal elite

MyDD is one of my favorite “liberal” blogs. I’ve been praising it since 2005. MyDD is the site that Daily Kos branched from back in the day.

Thus it is with tremendous pride and happiness that MyDD targets everything that Tim Geithner represents

It has got to happen over the next two years, and its going to take progressives, libertarians, tea partiers, coffee partiers, conservatives… everyone that is not part of the problem (the financial/political/military elite). Get radical, first by moving beyond attachment to a single party or a political identity. Radicalize them both, go independent; whatever, and if that’s not you too, then get out of the way.

MyDD links to a video that, while using liberal tropes that represent MyDD”s ideological history, accurately descibes the Goldman Sachs elite that is destroying our political and economic system

Whoever you vote for this election,

  • Punish those who supported TARP
  • Punish those who supported the Big Business – Big Labor bailouts
  • Punish those who are destroying our economy

We need pitchforks and torches.

The appropriate way to respond to our enemies is…
…and guns
…more and bigger guns.

Outgun them this November.

The Russians Try to Shut tdaxp Down!

Many friends have expressed concern that this blog has been down for about two days. The attacker was Russian — (

Russia — for those readers too young to remember when it was a country that mattered — is a Central Asian petrostate best known for invading small neighbors and rampant alcoholism.

Fortunately my web host provided me tools to block the attacker, and responder quicker the next time the Russians try to shut me down (this was not the first time, and won’t be the last).

The Affordances of Domestic Terror

There never
seems to be a surface equal
to the needs of these people.

Curtis has an excellent post that ruminates on two discussion threads here at tdaxp – -“New York Times: Joe Stack was Right” and “A Question for Joseph Stack.” In general I agree with Curtis’s take.

The situation becomes much more interesting if the next attack against Tim Geithner’s Treasury Department is conducted by a reader of Daily Kos or Fire Dog Lake.

Al Qaeda Theorist, Guest Blogger

Zenpundit points to the amazing happening of al Qaeda strategist, tactician, and theorist Abu Walid al-Masri guest blogging at at All Things Counter-Terrorism. An excerpt:

So we become ready for an intellectual dialogue with the security beauty and the terrorist fighter, Mrs Farrall, we take a tour with her in the different field of terrorism. She wants a tour so she can get a more accurate knowledge of the enemy so she can target them in a better way. I want the dialogue to clarify the truths to our Arab public and to all the people of the world if possible. The experiences of our fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets was a world experience that affected the lives of all people, but was decisive for many of them. Therefore our Arab experience in Afghanistan, concerns every person on this planet.

Unfortunately our enemies are those who exaggerate the presentation of that experience with whatever is suitable for their greed so that is why they draw our picture in a very ugly way so we look like terrorists who thirst for blood and kill innocents and so can be considered the greatest threat to humans on earth.

Read the whole thing, as well as an explanation of sorts from ATCT‘s chief blogger, Leah Farrell.

Some cool links

I’ve been busy at the conference, and so posts in my Google Reader really piled up. Here are my reactions to some, in no particular order.


Sinosplace points to the first episode of the Menu Stealer, courtesy of ChinesePod

The Menu Stealer – episode 1: Guilin Mifen from PraxisLanguage on Vimeo..

There were three races of Neanderthals. At the education conference I was at their were some Critical Race Theorists who deny human biodiversity. I wonder if we will get Critical Neanderthal Theorists who deny racial differences among our extinct neanderthals cousins? Also from gnxp, King Carlos was more inbred than offspring from brother-sister marriages, Azerbaijan is more secular than France, the US and Korea are the top sources of missionaries

Tom, as always is well worth reading. He correctly attacks the Republican Party’s attempt to turn the Defense Department in to a jobs program, celebrates the upcoming publishing of Blueprint for Action by Tsinghua University, applauds the “soft-kill” approach to Havana, and applauds US-Indian security cooperation. Sadly, he overlooks that fundementalism is a modern form of Islam, or that judicial activism being applauded by a black gay New Yorker does not mean that Iowa supports homosexual marriage. I find a good filter for Tom’s work is to be skeptical of any piece that (a) reflects the ongoing business interests of Enterra Solutions or (b) concerns social issues.

Mexico is considering legalizing Marijuana. This is a more constructive approach than making fun of cancer victims, which is how Barack Obama responds to the issue.

A Chinese girl enjoying 15 minutes of fame is criticicized for having a black boyfriend.

Microsoft scuttles a company pub and scales back Live Labs. Too bad. If Microsoft is going to be an innovative place to work, it needs to encourage the cross-socialization of company employees and create disruptive technologies.

CN Reviews points me to ChinaSmack, which translates posts and comments from Chinese online forums. Typically these are human interests stories, such as this one on bullying among female college students

Goldman Sachs, which received $15 billion from AIG, will give $5 billion to AIG. Supporters of Barack Obama and Tim Geithner will call this progress.

Thanks to gmg Design for a recent link.