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Team USA

The video, from Huffington Post

The write-up, by Dan Wetzl

And certainly not in those stands, where the American fans, half a world from home, continued to stand and chant and wave their flags in hope that the dream would be answered.

And when it was answered, when the improbable had been produced, they started charging. These aren’t college kids. These are grown ups. They are mostly well-heeled who can take time away from work on an expensive vacation. Yet the moment was so magnificent, the goal so perfect, that broke all security measures anyway.

After the game, they had mashed up against the fence in numerous places, screaming onto the field at the American players who were hugging and kissing and dancing. The players ran over to party with their people – Altidore even doing a mini-mosh pit leap into the adoring masses.

“USA, USA” went the chants, audible even over the din of the vuvuzelas. All was right here in the South African night.

The Climate Change Fraud

Surprising no one, the “evidence” for global warming is fraudulent, the product of organized deception mascerading as science

Hundreds of private emails and documents allegedly exchanged between some of the world’s leading climate scientists over the past 13 years have been stolen by hackers and leaked online, it emerged today.

The computer files were apparently accessed earlier this week from servers at the UK’s University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, a world-renowned centre focused on the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change.

When Europeans say global warming, they mean Russia. To Europeans, global warming is a noble lie that allows concerted action against Russia to be planned, discussed, and executed in the open. Not surprisingly, Russia is strongly against this fraud:

Climate change sceptics who have studied the emails allege that they provide “smoking gun” evidence that some of the climatologists colluded in manipulating data to support the widely held view that climate change is real and is being largely caused by the actions of mankind. So far the veracity of the emails has not been confirmed and the scientists involved have declined to comment on the story, which broke on a blog called The Air Vent.

The files, which in total amount to 61MB of data, were first uploaded onto a Russian server, before being widely mirrored across the internet. The emails were accompanied by the anonymous statement: “We feel that climate science is, in the current situation, too important to be kept under wraps. We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents. Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.”

Hopefully, the European chattering classes will talk themselves into ignoring the pseudoscience they are selling to their own publics. The struggle against Russian aggression and backwardness is too important to let honesty and science get in the way.

Why the European Union Reform Treaty is Needed

It’s striking the EU is able to maintains an arms embargo against China,” a major trading partner China, but not their main strategic rival, Russia. It is a good thing that Russia is so militarily weak it needs French ships to intimidate Ukraine and Georgia, of course. It is bad it is strong enough to be able to get them.

Russia is close to buying a warship from France in its first deal to import military technology from a Nato state since the end of the Cold War.

Bernard Kouchner, France’s Foreign Minister, and Hervé Morin, the Defence Minister, made it clear that they supported the sale of a Mistral assault ship to Russia during talks in Moscow yesterday.

The move is likely to alarm other Nato states after Russia indicated that it was seeking a bigger deal to upgrade its armed forces with advanced Western technology. It could also raise tensions in the Black Sea, where Russia has threatened to act against Georgian naval vessels if they block ships from travelling to the separatist region of Abkhazia.

This is why the European Union Reform Treaty is needed, why it was such good when Ireland voted for it. This is why it would be a good thing for the Czech Republic and Poland will join too (meaning it becomes binding for all members of the European Union). Russia is able to play divide-and-conquer games with the European States, because of the weak nature of the European Union decision-making process, in a way that Russia could never do with the 50 united States.

When Europeans say global warming, they mean Russia.

When Europeans say European Union, they mean the Political Arm of NATO-in-Europe.

Stop “global warming.”

Strengthen the “European Union.”

Seriously, Tom

During Russia’s invasion of Georgia, Tom insisted that he had a “Secret source” on the ground, highly credible, tell him things that were being suppressed by every major media outlet. In spite of this conspiracy, because of Tom’s inside connections, he knew the truth: Vladimir Putin was a world leader on par with Hu Jintao or George Bush, intervening in the lawless frontier to spread connectivity and establish modern rulesets.

When everything died out, the “Secret source” was revealed to be a thoroughly average reporter, whose reports (completely consistent with what everyone else had written) detailed the obvious: Russia invaded Georgia after a time of rising tension, which included the Russians violating Georgian airspace, and the Georgians shelling separatists who had been given Russian passports.

Let’s see some apologies
ARTICLE: Georgia Set Off War, Probe Finds, By Philip P. Pan, Washington Post, October 1, 2009
Ah, I can’t wait to hear all the bloggers’ mea culpas regarding the EU report on the start of the Russian-Georgian war.

Turns out we shouldn’t have all become Georgians then.

Once again, Tom is reporting news that everyone knew since August 9th, 2008. Catholicgauze reported it then. Duck of Minerva recapitulates it now.

When it comes to those who criticize Putin, Tom prefers terms like hysterics and freak-out. And indeed, there is a hysterical crowd that engages in cold-war thinking.

Such freak-outs seem limited to those in the oil services sector, though.

There’s more to life (and Russia) than Gazprom.

Ireland, State of Europe

Contrary to Helen at Chicago Boyz, the Irish should accept the EU referendum. If the Irish do not, Ireland should be expelled from the Union.

The European Union exists to provide a monetary, economic, and political way for the democracies of Europe to avoid being divided by Russia. Russia is able to use oil and natural gas politics to invade weaker countries and roll back democracy and liberty, using direct assaults that are impossible militarily (because of NATO).

The EU is the political, economic, and monetary arm of NATO in Europe.

Broadening and deepening the European Union is critical to the security of democracy and liberty of Europe.

Ireland should vote yes.

Nabucco Slaves Are Shedding Their Chains

The Economist has a good video on the Nabucco Pipeline, which would circumvent Russia (a violent country in Central Asia). The name references Nebuchadnezzar, that is, Putin.

I previously reference Nabucco in posts about the Eastern Partnership and Supplier Failure.

A Side Note: I had the great pleasure to see a production of Nabucco the play in the Arena di Verona, back in 2000. I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection until now!

Czech Refugees

That the Czech government is upset is perhaps the best clue that these ‘refugees’ are simply economic migrants.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said there were doubts about the legitimacy of many of these claims.

Since 2007, some 3,000 Czech nationals have requested asylum, while 9,400 Mexicans applied last year.

In response, the Czech government is recalling its ambassador and is to impose visas on Canadian diplomats.

Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer said Canada’s action was unilateral and unfriendly, while the Mexican government said it regretted the move.

The Czech Republic strikes me as a western, liberal, and free country, which probably has few if any political prisoners. Unlike the United Kingdom, which jails people for professing unpopular opinions…