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"Faith"-based Hatefulness

Re: Rotten,” by Cliff May, The Corner, 16 July 2005,

Responding to news that one of Senator Santorum’s aides had his privacy violated by a homosexualist “outer”…


Many people on the left strongly object to the “lifestyle choice” of working for a Republican senator.

It’s against their religion.

So they respond by exposing, attacking and attempting to humiliate those they find objectionable – those who are different from them, those whose behavior they can’t understand.

They believe the government should stay out of their bedrooms. They also believe they have the right to invade the bedrooms of anyone they choose.

Again, this is part of the faith of those on the irreligious left.


Why the man was attacked is obvious: radical homosexualists hope that by destroying any “middle ground,” they can radicalize a population a la Lenin.

But the greatest criticism of Cliff May’s post is that religion in America is rarely so cruel.

HIV AIDS Case by Exposure Category, SD & USA

South Dakota HIV/AIDS: Mid Year Surveillance Report,” South Dakota Department of Health, July 2005, pg 3.

Internet, meth double HIV rate in S. Dakota,” by Corrine Olson, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 16 July 2005,
HIV is increasing in South Dakota, the Internet?



Intravenous use of methamphetamine and people hooking up with anonymous sex partners on the Internet have doubled the HIV rate in South Dakota, worrying health officials.



If the Argus is blaming an electronic communication medium, why they don’t blame roads, a physical communication medium, is beyond me.



Kightlinger said some people also view the disease as one that infects only gay people. Since 2002 in South Dakota, 37 percent of cases have been from heterosexual contact, primarily women exposed by a partner.

Cheryl O’Brien, the Sioux Falls School District’s coordinator for high school curriculum, said the district is trying to educate young people about the dangers of the virus and how to avoid contracting HIV and AIDS.



Well, as homosexualism and illegal needle drugs together account for 65% of HIV/AIDS cases in South Dakota, and 75% naturally, avoiding just two activities would cause the infection rate to plunge…


We can effectively end injection drug use as a vector for HIV / AIDS by ending the drug war.


Anyway, just remember: there are no innocent victims of homosexualism



Adam on Homosexuality

Note: Due to the number of links, blogspirit did not allow Adam of The Metropolis Times‘s thoughts to be posted as a comment. They are well written and worth consideration, so I am posting them as a story instead. I will comment on them tomorrow. — tdaxp


Homosexual sex is no more dangerous than heterosexual sex. Blaming the problem of unprotected sex on homosexuality is like blaming the Black Death on people handling rot with their left hands. There’s as much need for the qualifier ‘left’ as there is ‘homosexual’

Yes, many pre-modern cases are pederastic or otherwise non-egalitarian. In fact, this seems to be the norm among historical homosexuality, and you are correct in that egalitarian homosexuality is appearing more often. Whether its happening more often or its simply more out in the open is something no one can claim to know.

But there are also examples of a minority of romantic lovers of exclusively the same sex. Same-sex marriage even when members of the opposite sex were avaliable are no modern invention. Neither are men that freely perfer other men. These articles discuss the varities of homosexual conduct through history and make mention of the men who perferred men.

Neither is same-sex preference ‘unnatural’

These took me about 10 minutes to find and read.

Here’s an article on the “hijacking” of the word gay:

Homosexuals, Disease, etc

STDs on rise among gay men,” UPI, 6 July 2005,… (from Drudge Report).

Stupid, ahistorical behavior => terrible, ahistorical plague.


Sexually transmitted diseases, especially syphilis, have become more common among gay men as the fear of AIDS has declined.


The article goes on to cite contributing factors, which would barely be a problem if not for the main problem. Not that this is new

2002 New HIV Diagnoses

Lifting Pains Associated with Homosexualism

Spectrum of Sexuality and the Kinsey Scale,” Sex Editorials, downloaded 20 June 2005,

Rhetoric aside, some commenting on my commenting,” by Aaron, tdaxp, 16 June 2005,

Right before I started my temp job, Aaron wrote:

Gays – When someone is chronically ill, it is typically their families they turn to, and usually their families and loved ones that get them through. In some cases, it is the insurance of a husband or wife that gets them through. By denying homosexuals that ability to form lasting legal family units, we’re alienating them and abandoning them to a world of too-expensive medical care and unsupportive society.

Aaron is addressing the use of families in emotionally supporting ill homosexualists. Add into this the national and local status of homosexualists as the predominate vectors for AIDS, and we can look at a utilitarian approach to minimize physical and emotional pain.

All other things being equal, Aaron’s normalization approach would lessen emotional pain in the long-run. If strong families could span homosexualist bonds, the sick would have strong support networks in their bleakest days.

What Aaron ignores is the economic idea of the margin. To give Aaron the benefit of the doubt, I will assume that homosexuality existed in the past and assume the the Kinsey Scale…

0- Exclusively heterosexual with no homosexual
1- Predominately heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
2- Predominately heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
3- Equally heterosexual and homosexual
4- Predominately homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
5- Predominately homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
6- Exclusively homosexual

…. is true.

The Kinsey Scale can be thought of as a Spectrum, or Rainbow, raining from the “red” exclusively heterosexual to the “violet” exclusively homosexual. Just as the visible rainbow includes an infinite number of colors, the Kinsey Rainbow includes an infinite number of variations.

Nonetheless, the quality of being homosexualist — engaging in homosexual acts — is binary, either TRUE or FALSE. So in this model, active homosexualism is a function of an individual’s Kinsey quotient, the culture he is in, and the societies he is in.

By denormalizing homosexualism in culture and societies you absolutely reduce the number of homosexualists. This reduces the physical and mental pain.

Remember that Aaron supported normalizing homosexualism on the practical grounds that it would reduce pain. But that it theoretical and in the long-term. On the other hand, denormalizing homosexualism would immediately begin reducing pain. And this argument was made by giving him the friendliest assumptions — assuming that policy should be made on pragmatic grounds, that homosexuality is a natural condition of man, and that the Kinsey scale accurately describes homosexualism.


Tom Daschle Speculation (Homosexualist South Dakota Values)

‘Architect of the Defeat of Federal Marriage Amendment’ Tom Daschle Receives Homosexual Award,” by Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice, 15 June 2005, (from South Dakota Politics).

The picture


The caption

Former South Dakota Senator and former Senate Majority Leader Daschle received the New York National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Award for leading the “successful fight to defeat the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment in the Senate,” according to Roberta Sklar, Communications Director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Many consider Daschle’s opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment a key reason for his 4,508-vote loss to John Thune in November 2004. Daschle was the first Senate party leader in 52 years to lose a re -election bid. …

“Senator Daschle put his quarter-century career in Congress on the line to stand up to the forces of intolerance and division and kill the Federal Marriage Amendment. We are proud to honor such rare courage and leadership,” says Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation’s most vocal homosexual advocacy groups, gave Daschle a score of 63% on their 2004 scorecard, and 100% on their 2002 scorecard

The speculation:

Accepting an award for standing up to his old constituents won’t win Daschle any friends in South Dakota. NGFLF is extreme enough, even ignoring South Dakota politics. To those new to the Mount Rushmore State: The most visible defense of the homosexualists who volunteered to clean up litter on a South Dakota highway was by the Ku Klux Klan. I believe the Grand Wizard’s quote was “Who cares who does it? The roads need to be clean!”

But Daschle keeps making noises about running again. If he’s not going to run from South Dakota, he could either

  • move, and run from another state, or
  • run for President

Moving to another state just isn’t likely. President Daschle, on the other hand…

Tom almost decided to in 2004. He was so close, in fact, that the Sioux Falls Argus Leader ran a front-page banner headline saying Daschle was in. It looks like Daschle is presenting himself as the liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2008, who has been moving right on cultural issues.

Daschle ’08?

Dueling Political Insurgencies

Federal Judge Rules Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional,” Omaha World-Herald, 12 May 2005,

The homosexualists law campaigns are marked by dueling fourth-generation insurgencies — on the one hand the homosexualists themselves, on the other the conservative coalition that has seized two branches of the national government and has foundations in many other places. Both have grown a lot since the 1970s, though the homosexualists less so. Now with the “culture wars,” these armies find themselves fighting each other head-on.

Take this news, from my future home-state

U.S. District Judge Joseph Bataillon struck down Thursday Nebraska’s constitutional provision prohibiting gay marriage or civil unions.

The constitutional amendment, known as Initiative 416, passed in 2000 with 70 percent of the vote. It prevents homosexuals who work for the state or the University of Nebraska system from sharing health insurance and other benefits with their partners.

A group of lesbian and gay couples sued the state of Nebraska, contending the act barred “lesbian, gay and bisexual people from using the ordinary political process to seek important legal protections that all other Nebraskans already have.”

Forty states have so-called “Defense of Marriage” laws, but Nebraska’s ban is the only one that explicitly prohibits same-sex couples from enjoying many of the legal protections that heterosexual couples enjoy.

Where does this fall on the stages of 4GP on PISRR?

For the Homosexualists

  • A 4GPS3 victory — seizing the government and directing police powers
  • A Penetration victory — the first stage in PISRR — allow their Pre-Modern Political (family) networks to more openly exist

For the Conservatives

  • A 4GPS3 loss but a 4GPS1 victory. This is an “outrage” — a singular event which draws attention to the cause. Think of the Mai Lai massacre for a similar 4GWS3 victory (the land was captured) that was a 4GWS1 cataclysm.
  • A Reorienting event. This throws Nebraska conservatives into the first stages of the OODA loop, forcing them to reconquer ground previously occupied.

Last: Note the assymetric nature of the struggle. Conservatives attacked where they are strongest: public opinion. Homosexualists counter-attacked where they are strongest: the courts. Conservatives will counter-counter-attack where they are strongest: the Congress

Every side chooses the battleground where it has the advantage.

Update: Not that anti-Conservatives can’t fight in the Senate. Bush’s circuit court nominees enjoy only a 46.9% confirmation rate.

Update 2: My analogy was better than I thought. The court’s reasoning was that the law harms political networks! From Ramesh at Bench Memos

A federal judge (Joseph Bataillon, a Clinton nominee) has struck down a state ban on same-sex marriage. Nebraska voters amended the state constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman. The judge, following the reasoning of the Supreme Court’s decision in Romer v. Evans (1996), ruled that the amendment had infringed on the rights to political participation of advocates of same-sex marriage: They can’t get their way just by persuading the legislature, since they would also have to overturn the amendment. The reasoning, like the reasoning in Romer (which prevented localities from passing laws against discrimination against gays), strikes me as awfully shaky.

Network Politics, Part 5, 4GW / 4GW: John Kerry

Note: This is a selection from Network Politics, a tdaxp series.


Kerry takes on … the gays,” by kos, Daily Kos, 9 May 2005,

John Kerry Needs To Go Away,” by John in DC, America Blog, 9 May 2005,

Another post illustrating Fourth Generation Political theory and the dysfunctional nature of the liberal “netroots”

But first, some definitions

  • The Fourth Generation of Modern Politics (4GP): a modern method of politics designed to seize the government and enact laws. When successful it is based on flat-horizontal-strong ideological networks. Resistant to decapitation attacks, these peer-to-peer nets can sustain themselves for fights that last decades. A 4GP struggle evolves in three unique stages, though the network can go back and forth or even be at different stages in different places at the same time.
  • 4GP’s First Stage (4GPS1): This first stage of a 4GP net, characterized by a weak 4GP movement and a strong enemy. 4GPS1 attacks are known as “node takedown,” “the politics of personal destruction,” “agitation-propaganda,” or just “horror stories.” These are high-profile symbolic attacks designed to recruit followers through “militancy.”
  • 4GP’s Second Stage (4GPS2): The second stage of a 4GP, characterized by a strong 4GP movement and a peer-strength enemy. The most popular kind of 4GPS2 attack is “network contestment,” where the insurgent network tries to steal members away from an existing network in mass, or otherwise inflict mass harm on the victim net.
  • 4GP’s Third Stage (4GPS3): The final stage of 4GP, characterized by direct assaults and take-over of the government, the military, and police powers. 4GPS3 attacks are known as “elections,” “judicial nominations,” “Presidential appointments,” or similar names. These are attacks by very strong 4GP networks that attempt to co-opt the government for its own purposes. Successful 4GPS3 is the goal of almost every 4GP network.

Now, the story.

John Kerry was the Democrat nominee for President in 2004 and he wants to run again 2008. He is faced with a population that looks like this:

“Blue” liberals are outnumbered by “Red” conservatives 3:2. These factions spend their time arguing and trying to make each other look bad. The general population — folks who don’t care that much one way or the other — are broken down on similar lines. Visually:

Contemporary Politics
Lines represent supportive political communication, arrows represent attacks. Note that the “playing field” is tilted toward Red Conservatives, and that the Conservative net is thicker

The only way for liberals to win is to tear off a substantial fraction of undecided moderates. Kerry wants to run for President in 2008, and he knows that unless the “liberal” Democrats tear off a substantial number of moderates, his party will lose again. Kerry saw a good opportunity to do this when the Massachusetts Democrat Party pondered supporting homosexualist marriage. So Kerry publicly opposed homosexualist marriage in his home state, in an attempt to form bonds with moderates who also oppose homosexualist marriage. If successful, this would change the correlation to forces to favor the Democrats and liberal groups. Visually:

Kerry’s Appeal to the Center
John Kerry publicly opposed homosexualist marriages to attempt to form common bonds with Republican-leaning moderates.

Trying to steal Republican supports this way is network contestment — classic 4GPS2. To work it requires the liberal base — the “netroots” — to support him. It requires liberal radicals to realize that a successful 4GPS2 attack makes successful 4GPS3 attacks more likely, and it requires the liberal radicals to believe that political struggle without 4GPS3 victories is useless.

Guess how well that turned out.


Before the election I called Kerry a “spineless ass” for his opposition (where none was warranted) of gay marriage in Massachusetts. Opposition that was clearly politically motivated given his past support on the issue. Well, my assessment remains operative.

Kos is launching a 4GPS1 attack on his ally, while his ally is attacking Republicans with a 4GPS2 attack! Friendly fire!


Liberal Radicals Attack Their Ally

This is like terrorists attacking Abu Zarqawi because that terrorist was spending too much time controlling territory at night and not enough setting off car bombs.

But it gets worse for the liberal network. The attack isn’t an end in itself. It has a goal

America Blog:

I’ve had it with this jerk. He was a lousy presidential candidate, couldn’t find a consistent position non the Iraq war if his life depended on it, and now the only consistent message he’s been able to find post-election is to bash gays.

Note to Kerry: Go away. You were a crappy candidate, a milquetoast Senator (Kennedy always pulled your weight, anyway), and now you have the nerve to weigh in AGAINST gay rights in your own state? Grow a pair, buddy, then come back and we’ll talk.

If you dare run for president again, I’ll be telling the world loud and clear that I voted for John Kerry for president, before I voted against him.

The goal of the netroot attack on Kerry is to disconnect Kerry.

The goal of the liberal radicals is to shrink the liberal network.

The visual is astounding

America Blog‘s Future Worth Creating: Kerry Disconnected

Disconnection is something reserved for The Enemy.

Of course, liberal radicals believe that Washington Democrats are the enemies.

The outlook for conservatives: good.

Network Politics, a tdaxp series
Introduction: Net-Attacks and Counter-Attacks
Part 1, 0GW / 4GW: Iraqi Sunnis
Part 2, 0GW / 4GW: Christian Conservatives
Part 3, 1GW / 4GW: George Soros
Part 4, 2GW / 4GW: Social Security
Part 5, 4GW / 4GW: John Kerry

4GPS2 Network Disintegration (Netroots Homosexualists against Mainstream Liberals)

Bill Gates lies to National Public Radio,” by John, America Blog, 28 April 2005, (from Eshcaton).

Remember this?

Key: Red, Attacks; Blue, Defender Fighters; Yellow, Defender Deserters; Purple, Defender Quislings

The graphic shows a classic 4th Generation Politics / 2nd Stage network-on-network attack. The right network has seen an opening and it trying to tear apart the left network. For an example, I used Microsoft’s abandonment of the Washington State Homosexualist Rights Bill. The goal of this sort of attack is to split the opposing network into opposing camps, furthering the attacker’s cause.

which sees the left network near collapse.

It’s working

I hate to say “lie” because I wanted to trust Gates on all of this. He really has been great on gay issues, and his foundation has been tremendous on AIDS funding. And he personally supports the state gay rights bill. And all of that is great.

So WTF was Gates talking about with NPR today?

NPR: “Was it a mistake to make the steps on the gay rights bill that you did, changing your support.”

Gates: “We didn’t change… we chose not to get involved in that.”

Ok, that was an outright lie and an attempt to mislead NPR and the American public. Microsoft has for years supported this legislation and this year they changed their mind and are no longer supporting it. How in God’s name is that not “changing” your position?

I’d like to think Gates has just been misinformed by his staff, but he’s a smart man and appears to know what he’s talking about here. He seems to have intentionally lied to NPR, and that hardly bodes well for Microsoft’s goodwill in handling this entire affair.

As if Microsoft is the movement and homosexualists are the sponsor!

For homosexualism to win, it needs an peaceful ideological network willing to push its political agenda. To do this it needs sponsors and allies, such as Microsoft. The left’s attack on Microsoft is stupid — it alienates a key ally while splitting its own movement.


Update: More good news from America Blog. I’ll quote it in full

More worthless, spineless Democrats in name only. These are your own God damn constituents he sold out, not to mention he’s giving fuel to the religious right nationwide, and you couldn’t give a damn, could you, Senators? Then again, Gates is rich, and when it comes down to it, what really is the difference between Tom DeLay and you two – money talks, doesn’t it.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said she was disappointed at the way the controversy has emerged — especially given Microsoft’s lengthy record in support of gay rights — but was satisfied with the Gates’ answers.

“They have a huge portfolio” of issues that are important to the company and cannot be expected to push all of them at the same time, she said.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said she was reassured by Gates’ promise that Microsoft was looking at ways to “revisit” its decision to take a neutral stance on the gay-rights bill it had once championed.

The continuing collapse of the network of mainstream liberals and netroots libeals… Good.

4GPS2: Structural Network Attacks and Antihomosexualism

Gay group wants award back from Microsoft,” by Kim Peterson, Seattle Times, 23 April 2005, (from Democratic Underground).

I have written about the Fourth Generation of Modern Politics and 4GP: Stage One. 4GPS1 can involve node takedown — the political assassination of members of enemy networks. I used the Democrat netroot’s attacks on Tom Delay as an example. Once a peaceful insurgency has built up enough strength, it moves into 4GPS2: Contesting the Enemy Network.

4GPS2 involves attacks that try to structurally degrade the enemy network. The example for this is the fallout from the successful attempt to make Microsoft abandon 1515 — a homosexualist rights bill.

Microsoft’s public-relations troubles intensified yesterday as news spread that the company had withdrawn support for state legislation banning discrimination against gays and lesbians.

The legislation, House Bill 1515, was voted down Thursday by a single vote in the state Senate, prompting frustration and anger that continued to build yesterday among some gay-rights activists.

The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center asked Microsoft yesterday to return an award it gave the company in 2001, saying the company is no longer worthy of its highest corporate honor. The center had given Microsoft its “corporate vision award,” which it bestows on one company every year.

Also yesterday, national lobbying group Human Rights Campaign sent a letter to Microsoft expressing disappointment with the company.

John Aravosis, who has been covering the issue on his Web log after the news of Microsoft withdrawing support was broken by local alternative newsweekly The Stranger, said some people still remember a boycott organized by gays and lesbians against Coors beer in the late 1970s. The boycott reportedly stemmed from Coors’ moves to screen out prospective employees who were gay.

As comments on Democratic Underground, this is an alienation strategy for homosexualist activists — exactly the wrong sort of strategy in Fourth Generation Peace.

At the beginning of the homosexualist rights Fourth Generation Politic, around 2001, both sides could be thought of as roughly equal network strength. Both were insurgencies against the legal status quo, which was decided non ideological.

Two Opposing 4GP networks
Each is in 4GPS1, and unable to truly change the other

Microsoft’s abandonment of 1515 was a dilemma for the pro-homosexualist camp. Do they shrug this off, and take the losses? Or do they fight, and risk splintering their network (what Pope Benedict XVI might call “shrinking the faith to strengthen the faith”)?

They chose the latter. Dumb.

Two Opposing 4GP Networks
An enemy 4GPS2 attack has caused two nodes to become neutral (“yellow”)
Additionally, retaliation has made one node friendly to the Enemy (“purple”)
Additionally, severed relationships has structurally harmed the network

One network is closer to closer to 4GPS3, and “winning.” Its enemy it closer to obliteration and irrelevance.