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A World Uncensored, the home invasion is a streaming site owned by $GOOG that features user generated content… primarily computer & video game playing and commentary. The feeling of watching a favorite gamer on twitch is similar to listening to a favorite radio DJ — relaxing, enjoyable, and you feel part of a club.


At least — most of the time. Recently, one twitch gamer was robbed on live stream following a home invasion. So far one suspect has been arrested.

No extra points for guessing the demographics.

Watching Twitch

$GOOG paid a billion dollars for twitch, a video streaming service. Unlike Youtube (which focuses on general audiences and miscellaneous niches), vimeo (which focuse on gorgeous cinematographic videos), or Daily motion (which focuses on being second place to Youtube), Twitch’s niche is gamers.


Twitch is focused around games (live events) and channels (feeds of live events by specific gamers or groups). Yesterday, my wife and I watched navigated Twitch on Xbox One. Broadly, the two main types of games & channels appear to be competitive games and social games. Exmaples of competitive games include League of Legends (the most popular game in the world) and Starcraft II, while an example of a social game is Grand Theft Auto V.

twitch gsl announcers

Competitive games are organized like minor sports, such as women’s football, women’s basketball, or mixed martial arts. Not only are many of the trappings of major spots there (commentators, slick graphics, various functionaries) but minor spots have two elements major sports can lack: a sense of exclusivity and a proof of passion. Unlike major sports, identifying with a minor sport means identifying with a subculture to which you belong. And unlike major sports, few millionaires are made in minor sports, so a player is more likely to be following a calling as opposed to buying a beach house.

twitch xmoonliterose

My wife and I, however. enjoyed watching social games more. Many of these players/hosts were female, and combined competent gameplay with the personality of an effective radio disk jockey. Any flirting was PG, and you quickly felt that you were in the company of friends. For a fantasy game like Grand Theft Auto V, where play is self-directed and often absurd, watching someone play with friends can be even more relaxing than playing yourself (where the question of “what is to be done?” looms as large as in real life).

twitch creature talk

Twitch is a community — a billion dollar community — I was largely ignorant of a few days ago.

The world is vast, and there are such people in it…

The New York Times Bailout

Well, we have already had an MSNBC Bailout, so it makes sense that a bailout for the New York Times and the rest is just around the corner.

Don’t you just love this suggestion for an Independent Journalism Tax

In order to preserve independent journalism in the age of the Internet, a national Fund for Local News should be created with money the FCC now collects from or could impose on telecom users, television and radio broadcast licensees, or Internet service providers.

The central reality of our economy is that friends of the administration are never allowed to lose money. Unlike countries with relatively free economies — China, France, and so on — in America, profit and loss have nothing to do with whether large companies stay in business: connectiosn to the White House and the Treasury Department determine what large companies stay in business.

Of course, I may be wrong. If I am wrong, then President Obama will swiftly denounce any calls to use public monies to subsidize newspapers. Shortly thereafter, he will withdraw the MSNBC Bailout, and demand that GE return not just all public monies, but all profit that GE made with your money.

Of course, I am not wrong. Obama won’t do any of those things. MSNBC continues to exist, because its parent company was bailed out. And the next question is whether the New York Times should be bailed out, too.