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Janet Napolitano: Janet Napolitano Exempt from Pat-Downs, Body Scans

The TSA may be touching your junk, but they won’t be patting down the people who tell them to:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Cabinet secretaries, top congressional leaders and an exclusive group of senior U.S. officials are exempt from toughened new airport screening procedures when they fly commercially with government-approved federal security details.

Happy Thanksgiving. Be greatful you used to live in a country where your could travel freely. Those memories mean something.

TSA Workers: Creeps who want ‘X-Ray Vision’ To Stare at naked people

Lazy weirdos:

TSA Using Pizza Boxes to Recruit New Workers:

Federal agencies often head to college campuses, job fairs or buy newspaper classified ads to announce new job openings. But the Transportation Security Administration is reaching out with pepperoni and cheese.

A Career Where X-Ray Vision and Federal Benefits Come Standard,” reads a TSA ad appearing on pizza boxes across the Washington region.

(And I thought “peodphiles who kill more Americans than al Qaeda” was the worst I could say about them!)