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Night Visitor

A knock came from the other side of the door as we prepaed to go to sleep.

I opened the door, and a fast-talking, short, fat, Russian woman was on the other side. “HelloIamyournewneighborIjustmovedinafewweeksagoandIhaveseenyouaround” she began.

A short conversation rapidly established the following

  • She had a young baby who needed prescription medicine
  • She had a restraining order against husband
  • She had a steady job as a technician
  • She believed in/had been taught about/ and loved Jesus.
  • She needed cash. $40, if at all possible. She could pay us back on Wednesday。

“Do you live in our building?” I asked.
“Notheonenextdoordownthestreet” she responded.

“Who manages your building?” I asked.
“IdontknowmygroupofRussiansfoundthisapartmentforme” she answered.

I was in a generous mood, so I agreed. “Just bring me a photo ID like a driver’s license, and show me where you live” I said, and I would write her a check. “Okayokaythankyou” said the short, fat, Russian woman. “Iwillcomerightbackwiththerentralagreement.”

She never did. I regretted not getting a picture.

Home Office

Finally got the home office set up last night. Two desks are a right angle, wireless networking, all that jazz. I haven’t had this setup since I taught in Iowa (while finishing up my computer science thesis), so its nice to be here again. An advantage of an apartment over a dorm is obviously the increase in space, and I’m using it to good effect.

Apartment Move-In Day

Back to Nebraska, and moved into the new apartment. The location is pretty and I already got a TV hooked up to a DVD player with Lost Seasons 1 & 2. (Hurrah!) So far noticed the following problems:

Non-functional electrical plug
Under the sink
On top of the refrigerator
Handles in the kitchen
Visibly dirty carpet
Sticky linoleum
Unwashed porch window
bad key for postage box
dirty and sticky handrail

Because I noticed these in stages, I left a total of three voice mails with the landlord company. I expect a call back Monday morning, followed by a quick resolution.

Moving On

Tomorrow morning I check out of the graduate dorm that’s been my residence since August, 2005. This is the last night I will be sleeping in a dormitory, as next year I will have an apartment.

Unlike most other students I know, I never particularly minded university housing. All utilities are paid, there’s maintenance folks around, and the residence bureaucrats tend not to be too annoying.

The People Powered Revolution… will be crushed!

In spite of a large advertising budget that focused on warmth, kindness, and the Cornhusker Way…

My bid for re-election was cruelly thwarted by a former apparatchik who seized the reigns of power from me. Said apparatchik was supposedly only running for Vice President, but applied for the top (that is, my) job at the last moment. Though I discovered this late, some quick-thinking led me to write myself in for VP too (just in case), a position I “won” as said former aparatchick defeated yours truly by two votes.

A grievous development, I know. But I promise not to let the foolish “will of the people” stand between my people and their Great Father. As Yanukovych returned to Ukraine, so shall I return in glory!

Bwa ha ha!

Vote tdaxp. Again.

I’ve nominated myself for re-election as President of Husker Hall. The Treasurer is running for re-election as well, and a good friend of mine is going for VP. Last year I campaigned, and ran, on promises of corruption, incompetence, and scandal. This year I pledged to hold government meetings in bars whenever possible. Good luck to me!

Hopefully, if I do win, I won’t end up like Ferenc Gyurcsany, or Thaskin Shinawatra!

Anti-tdaxp Hate Speech @ UNL


tdaxp has faced many critics — the vile entity, the People’s Republic, and even local cartoonists.

Now, though, a local vandal has succeeded in doing what even the Armies of bin Laden have not – committed a Crime Against tdaxp.

The damage ranged from defacing a poster on my dorm (that had my name and major incorrect anyway)


… to blasting my old, highly-optimistic schedule:

Bitch Boy

… to destroying a perfectly nice poster with “Fuck U Biggot” [sic] written in a mix of black pen and yellow marker.

Fortunately, the cops are on the case: