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Want to buy a Koran at UNL?

Good luck.

Daily Nebraskan – Muslim students buy out Qurans in protest
Religious sensitivity made its way into the classroom early this semester for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students in an Introduction to Islam class.
When Michael Huston went to the bookstore to buy a copy of the Quran for the class last month, he learned it was sold out. However, it wasn’t bought out by students from the class.
Huston. a senior art major, learned that a few students from the Pakistan Students Association had bought all the books because they didn’t want non-muslim students to accidently deface the Quran.
“It seems more like a protest in general to get people aware of their stance,” Huston said about PSA students’ sensitivity to the Quran’s usage. “It’s kind of bizarre that they would go to that extent.”
Summayia Khan, president of the Pakistan Students Association, declined to comment.
Misuse or defacement of the Quran, which is highly respected within the Muslim faith, can be considered blasphemy.
“The concern from the Pakistan Students Association over whether it was appropriate for non-muslims to use the Quran was resolved in a pleasant, collegial conversation between the instructor of the class, the president of the Pakistan Student Association and myself,” said Sidnie Crawford, chairwoman of the classics and religious studies department at UNL.

Of course, the Pakistan Students Association has a right to protest against non-Muslims handling the Quaran, and they did so peacefully and in a way that brought some coin to the university bookstore. Still, this hardly demonstrates a respect (or even tolerance) for liberty, as their actions were specifically aimed at limiting the ability of those not in their religion from reading their religious texts.

Of all the trials that students in the Pakistan Students Association have gone through, joining the Scientologists in hiding their beliefs from others is perhaps the dumbest.

P.H.D. Comics at University of Nebraska – Lincoln!

Dr. Jorge Cham, the creater of Piled Higher and Deeper (by far the most successful comic strip about life as a graduate student) spoke to an auditorium-sized crowd at University of Nebraska today. Several faculty and two undergrads managed to sneak in, but otherwise his hilarious speech on “The Power of Procrastination” was heard by us adoring fellow graduate students.

While much of the speech was humorous, Jorge spent some time on the benefits of non-directed though, and even directly mentioned the Jung-Beeman, et al, piece previously mentioned on ZenPundit!

His great brief, my lousy camera

The event was beyond-wonderful. Won a book, and afterwards Jorge kindly signed it (and several others, as well). Overcome by his rock star status, I flubbed an explanation of my research, which is on nondirected processing and so entirely complementary with his speech. Afterwards I was jumping for joy at the great time.

Thanks for stopping by Nebraska, Jorge!

Tom Osborne is My Barack Obama

While the Barack Obama Cult of Personality shows weak and probably false signs of falling apart (PDF), I resist its siren call of “Hope,” “O-BA-MA,” and wrongheadedness on nearly every issue where he disagrees with either Hillary Clinton or John McCain. How, you ask? Simple: Tom Osborne is my Barack Obama.

Dr. Coach Congressman Tom Osborne is now the Athletic Director for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He also gets press coverage that Obama can only dream of:

On Monday, several ASUN senators met with Tom Osborne and other Athletic Department officials to discuss the changes. Senators asked officials to return UNL student seats in sections 14 and 15 back from season ticket holders who were offered them last week.

“It was clear after meeting with the Athletic Department that there were no solutions,” said Joe Manglitz, a senior music education major who helped write the resolution. “What’s done is done.”

Greg Gifford, a humanities graduate student, tried to paint the rest of ASUN a picture of what it was like to meet with Osborne: “When you get a meeting with Dr. Osborne, you walk pass a statue of him and into a stadium with his name on it. It’s very intimidating.”

L.J. McElravy, a senior biochemistry major and ASUN senator, was also at the meeting. He told student senators some of the reasons the Athletic Department used to justify switching the seats.

And the final reason why Tom Osborne, and not the Senator from Illinois, is my Barack Obama? He’s actually accomplished something.