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Free Huskers Football Practice for Sunday, August 28

Fellow UNL Student,

The football team is fired up to kick off the 2005 season next Saturday against Maine at Memorial Stadium. We are looking forward to you and all of the student season ticket holders being at our home games throughout the year.

We have worked extremely hard in the off-season to make this a great year for the Huskers, and we are planning to have the type of season that our fellow students and all of Nebraska will be proud of.

The student section is the key to getting Memorial Stadium rocking on Saturdays. We need you to wear Red, get fired up and make it a little tougher on the opponent. Believe us, the home crowd at Memorial Stadium makes a difference and we know the students are the loudest people in the house.

Our team wanted to give the students a sneak preview of what to expect from your 2005 Huskers, so we decided to invite all UNL students to Memorial Stadium this Sunday night to check out our practice. The students who didn’t buy season tickets will get their invite tomorrow, but we wanted you to be the first to hear from us. Only UNL students will be there, so we hope you will come by and help us get ready for a great season.

The gates will be open at 6:45 p.m. There will be free hot dogs and Pepsi [free food is the definition of graduate school — tdaxp], and a chance to hang out with your friends while watching a little Sunday Night Football—Husker Style.

Make sure you have your student I.D. and come to Gate 24 on the Southeast corner of the stadium. For once you don’t have to drag your backpack around campus (they wouldn’t let you bring it in anyway). You might even get a chance to hear from the two of us and Coach Callahan.

The team is planning a few new things on game-day to get the student section even more involved, and we’ll let you see that on Sunday. See you Sunday night and Go Big Red!

Daniel Bullocks
Cory Ross
2005 Team Captains

The Beautiful Music of War

I love grad school.

I had a fascinating and epic conversation today with a brilliant student of music. Beginning slowly enough with a litany of obscure vocab and strange names, I soon discovered

  • Making great music is the same thing as winning wars
  • Musicology = Warfare Theory
  • Music = War

As Mark Safranski might say, we had some serious leveraging of vertical domain knowledge through horizontal concept transfer. That so many concepts — methodical warfare, super-empowerment, deconfliction, the importance of quickly cycling the OODA loop and fast transients (whether through instinct or fingertip-feeling). It was as if the young (and breath-takingly beautiful) music student was John Robb or Nellie Lide, but was expressing the exact same thoughts in music theory instead of warfare theory or marketing theory.

Over the past week

  • I have nailed down my research interest (Early Christianity as an example of asymetrical warfare)
  • Identified how different specialities of political science are able to support the thesis
  • Now have concrete examples of how every “humanity” is just the study of human struggle, except it uses different words

(And let’s not forget Larry’s comments, which bridge humanities and hard sciences.)

I love grad school.

Why Graduate Life at UNL Is Awesome

Among other things, today’s adventures:

1. Finding out that a guy I thought was a janitor is a brilliant autodidact, able to discuss comparative religion, Boydian theory, and ethanol manufactury far better than I can.

2. Free alcohol with wonderful company from Embassy Suites (not technically a UNL perk, but hey: it was awesome)

3. Midnight pancakes, with all the above

UNL Note

After a long day of driving, moving, walking all over the world, finally at rest in Lincoln, Nebraska. Had delightful drinks with several Koreans while discussing the human rights situation in the Peninsula. Fascinating.

Horizontal Thinking at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln

NeInSci,” University of Nebraska – Lincoln, downloaded 27 June 2005, (from private email).

Nebraska Symposium on Interdisciplinary Graduate Science Research
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
8am – 3pm
UNL City Campus Union

The first annual NeInSci (Nebraska Symposium on Interdisciplinary Graduate Science Research) will be held on Tuesday September 27, 2005 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus Union. The symposium is designed to open interdepartmental dialogue and encourage possible research collaborations among UNL graduate students in participating departments, which include.

Agronomy and Horticulture, Food Science
Animal Science, Mathematics
Biochemistry, Physics & Astronomy
Biological Sciences, Psychology
Chemistry, School of Natural Resources
Computer Science & Engineering, Toxicology
Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences

The event includes a poster session, open to all graduate students from the participating departments, and selected student presentations on ongoing interdisciplinary research. A complimentary box lunch will be provided for all registered participants. Register online at In addition, several $250 research travel and $1000 research support grants will be awarded following the day’s activities. Participants can apply for these grants online.

All UNL faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students are invited to attend. For additional information or to pre-register for the Symposium, go to Or contact Kelly Mercier, Co-chair, NeInSci Steering Committee, 721 Hamilton Hall, 402-472-5316 (lab),
Sponsored by
Office of Graduate Studies
Phi Lambda Upsilon
Department of Chemistry
& Participating Departments

Read more

What is horizontal thinking?

New Office

Frikkin sweet!

Starting August 15, my new office address is

518 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0328

Apparently, office-mates are Jinjie Liu and Javier Rodriguez.

My new digs:

tdaxp’s New Lair