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Matt Drudge reported, with the typically understated heading of “SHOCK,” that the symbol of the swastika (卐) was for a time the most popular search term on google. Actually goggling for , however, reveals an obvious pattern:

For those whose computer cannot display chinese characters, Google US’s top 10 results for were:

A little thought, of course, reveals why. The swastika is a traditional Chinese good-luck character, the Olympics are coming up, and good luck is on the Chinese mind.

Indeed, the (google translateD) first line of the first result reads:

卐 (右旋) or 卍 (左旋) (Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक, IAST: svástika; symbol of good luck), an ancient Indian religion of auspicious signs

Ironically, the eighth google result discusses the growing awareness in China that all swastikas are not happy symbols!:

Core Tip: Xi’an a district centre to advertise the sale, the wall has been painted a whole train carriage, “locomotive” there is a Nazi logo on the “Wan.” 该广告引起市民的质疑。 The ad questioned the public. Center for sales that was only thought of Buddhism in the ‘Wan’ word, did not expect a Nazi logo.

So good fortune, or (as we say in English characters): ☺.

The analogy is appropriate. The Nazi Party is, of course, something to laugh at.