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The Wenchuan Earthquake and Chinese Police Response

From what I gather, police actions in China go through three stages.

1. An officer will attempt to persuade the subjects to cease their behavior. For instance, there is a Youtube video of a pro-Tibet protestor outside Carrefour in Beijing. The officer attempts to convince the protester that he could protest equally effectively — but not block sidewalk traffic — if he did so on a blog.

2. The government sends in a team in that is able to dispense favors and rewards. This may be removing perceived trouble-makers from an area, or giving hush money.

3. The police start clubbing people.

Given that, I would not be surprised if the next we hear about the Wenchuan Earthquake Parents is that their heads were busted in:

Grieving Chinese Parents Protest School Collapse – NYTimes.com
Hundreds of parents protesting shoddy school construction that they said led to the deaths of their children in the May earthquake were harassed by riot police officers on Tuesday and criticized by local government officials, the parents said Wednesday.

Local officials were also trying to buy the silence of the parents by offering them about $8,800 if they signed a contract agreeing not to raise the school construction issue again, several parents said.

The confrontation between the parents and the police officers erupted on Tuesday morning as 200 parents protested outside government offices in Mianzhu, a city in the earthquake-ravaged Sichuan Province, said Liu Guangyuan, a protester who lost a son when a school collapsed.

As Tom says, the Wenchuan Earthquake has the potential to be a systems pertubation. Let’s hope so. The victims and their families are immensely sympathetic throughout China. If they are clubbed by police, this is something that will be bitterly remembered in 20 years by even non-political Chinese.