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4GPS1: Node Takedown and the Politics of Personal Destruction

‘Reactive’ Politics,” by Hunter, Daily Kos, 23 April 2005, http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/4/23/231512/044.
by Hunter
Sat Apr 23rd, 2005 at 20:15:12 PDT

Earlier I wrote about the 4GP: the fourth generation of modern politics or modern peace. 4GP has three stages

  1. Terrorize Enemy Network while building your Network
  2. Contest Enemy Network
  3. (Peacefully) Control Governmental Policy

This allows a peaceful ideological network to grow from a scattered collections of individuals to a ruling idea-governed party.

The “Politics of Personal Destruction” is a classic 4GPS1 tactic

That means, for example, making the exposure of the multi-headed DeLay chain of corruption a primary goal of Democratic strategists — and more importantly, it means following the money trail back to every single one of the House members that have been sucking at that trough. It means embracing the politics of personal destruction, until such point as it loses its Rovian charms for the other side. It means following the continuing fiasco of far-right religious conservatives demonizing everyone around them in a Taliban-like insistence that the religions you, and I, and most of America share are Wrong, and theirs — only theirs — is Right…

So be reactive, and be personal, and be tuned to respond to each outrage en masse. Maybe, after a year or two or three in which the Democrats prove themselves to be capable of the same kinds of warfare as the Republicans, the moderates in this world can spank the children, send them home, and start governing like adults again.

Some of the article veers into Stupid Party rhetoric, but the article specifically advises 4GPS1

  • Terrorize the enemy network
  • Respond with a distributed network

The politics of personal destruction — node takedown — has no chance of altering the structure of the enemy network. It’s like randomly zapping web sites off the internet — it wouldn’t effect the sustainability of the internet. But it nusances the enemy network, grows the home network’s reputation, and hopefully allows the movement to grow into 4GPS2.

The Top-Level of a Not-Fully-Connected 4GP Network
Even with Supernodes, Node Takedowns Do No Structural Harm

Unless the Democrat Party shifts significantly to the Clinton Right, this is their best hope. The ideological Republican Party has nearly succeeded in 4GPS3: they have the executive and legislature, and almost have the courts. The Democrat netroots are a classic Fourth Generation Peace insurgency. Let’s hope they fail.