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Post-Adscam Poll Predicts Collapse for Canadian Liberals

‘Breathtaking’ poll sees defeat for Canada Liberals,” by Randall Palmer and David Ljunggren, Reuters, 11 April 2005, http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=worldNews&storyID=2005-04-11T160006Z_01_ZWE149861_RTRUKOC_0_CANADA-POLITICS.xml (from Democratic Underground).

Adscam, Canada’s Watergate, may collapse the left-of-center Liberal Party

Canada’s minority Liberal government is heading for defeat at the hands of the Conservatives after more than 11 years in power, a dramatic new poll is predicting.

The EKOS poll, commissioned by the Toronto Star, was taken after an advertising executive raised the stakes in a scandal about misuse of government cash by testifying he had paid large kickbacks to the Liberals in French-speaking Quebec.

The poll published on Monday showed support for the Conservatives rose seven points to 36.2 percent while the Liberals fell by nine points to just 25 percent.

But both parties played down the chances of a snap election, saying they felt Canadians wanted to hear more information from a public inquiry into the scandal.

It was the lowest showing for the Liberals since they took office in 1993. Public support for the party dipped as low as 29 percent before last June’s election, but the party recovered to poll 36.7 percent on election day.


Poll Results on the Inside, Current Seats on the Outside

This is great news. Because Canada is a parliamentary democracy, elections can happen at any time…. And the decision of whether to do so falls to the Frech!

The opposition’s first chance to try to bring down Martin’s government will come on Thursday, when the separatist Bloc Quebecois can introduce a motion of no-confidence. The Bloc will decide late on Tuesday whether to go ahead with this.

The Liberal government should go. Canada has not joined America in Iraq, Canada has withdrawn from the continental missile shield, and Canada refuses to harmonize immigration controls.

Let the Canadians vote!

Canadian Hypocracy in Censoring Blogs in Adscam

Gomery Testimony Available to All Canadians,” Globe and Mail, 4 April 2005, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050404.wgomery-blog05/BNStory/National/?page=rss&id=wgomery-blog05 (from Captain’s Quarters).

Feds bid to plug Gomery leaks,” by Stephanie Rubec, Toranto Star, 5 April 2005, http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/TorontoSun/News/2005/04/05/983036-sun.html (from Max’s Mewsings).

I heard about Adscam, finally figured it out, and now am astounded again. Canada is pondering criminal sanctions against bloggers who publish public information Bloggers may be fined or go to jail for reporting news that was already on television.

Once more, possible criminal penalties

Canada’s attorney general is probing possible breaches of a publication ban set up to protect explosive testimony at the AdScam inquiry. Justice spokesman Patrick Charette said federal lawyers are looking into the Internet sites reproducing excerpts of Montreal ad exec Jean Brault’s testimony and providing a link to a U.S. blog featuring more extensive coverage of the hearing.

“We have to decide what the best course of action is,” Charette said, adding federal lawyers could charge Canadian bloggers and website owners with contempt of court or suggest AdScam Justice John Gomery issue warning letters.

For testimony from public hearings

His contact could be anyone as the commission hearings are open to the public. Indeed, the Brault testimony is an open secret in political Ottawa. Ask any political staffer or MP and they seem to know some, if not all, of the details of the testimony. The television feed from the commission can be picked up in some Ottawa newsrooms, and other information is being passed through e-mails, transcripts and phone calls.

But suddenly, it becomes obvious…

Political leaders are being kept abreast of the story, with the exception of Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe who asked his staff not to tell him anything for fear he will divulge information and run afoul of the ban.

Canadian political leaders can read about public hearings. But regular Canadians can’t. Welcome to freedom in the Great White North.

Gomery, Groupaction, and Adscam Summary for American Readers

Sponsorship scandal,” Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberal_Party_of_Canada_sponsorship_scandal.

Spotlight Falls on Groupaction,” by Tu Thanh Ha, Globe and Mail, 28 March 2005.

Finally, I know what the heck is going on. “Canada’s Watergate is unfolding, apparently, the blogs are charging, and it seems to be a public work scandal. Can’t the Great White North have a real scandal? You know, like accidentally invading an oil-rich despotism or familiar relations with an intern or something?

If Paul Martin isn’t Canada’s Nixon….
Then Why is the Globe and Mail story written by Tu Thanh Ha?!?

Anyway, the story out: The Liberals are ‘s Democrats, but crazier. Ever since the (Canadian Republican) and Quebecois (Canadian French) alliance fell apart in the early ’90s, the Liberals have been runnign the show.

Tu Thanh Ha (Presumably, the Aforementioned Reporter)
Not Actually Implicated in Scandal, but Quite Attractive

Mid-90s, the Canadian French realize they don’t like living in America, Jr. and try to leave. They lose the freedom election very, very narrowly. The Liberal Canadian government decides what the Quebecquackers need is propoganda, and begin a massive PR campaign to convince the French they really like living in a former British colony.

Canadian Frechman,
Not Being Subject to Criminally Ineffective Propaganda

A lot of this PR money is sent to a company called Groupaction. In a series of murky deals, a lot less money goes out than comes in. A lot of money is spent on farm shows and other worthless campaigns.

Turns out, Groupaction was getting away with it by sending money back to the Liberal Party in illegal bribes kickbacks side-payments. And maybe to the mob.

Because of the fact it involves advertising scams, it’s called . Get it? Ad-Scam. Har har.

To make it more fun, no one won the last election. The Conservative Party, Liberal Party, and Bloc Quebecois (Angry Frenchman Party) split the Parliament, with no one winning a majority. As the first-loser Liberals apparently are all crooks, this may hurt them.

The sad part is that this shouldn’t be happening. Quebec has no business being in Canada. British Columbia has no business being in Canada. The Domion is an artificial state created by the business to contain America. The sooner it falls apart, the better to Canadians, North America, and the World.