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Al Qaeda Theorist, Guest Blogger

Zenpundit points to the amazing happening of al Qaeda strategist, tactician, and theorist Abu Walid al-Masri guest blogging at at All Things Counter-Terrorism. An excerpt:

So we become ready for an intellectual dialogue with the security beauty and the terrorist fighter, Mrs Farrall, we take a tour with her in the different field of terrorism. She wants a tour so she can get a more accurate knowledge of the enemy so she can target them in a better way. I want the dialogue to clarify the truths to our Arab public and to all the people of the world if possible. The experiences of our fight in Afghanistan against the Soviets was a world experience that affected the lives of all people, but was decisive for many of them. Therefore our Arab experience in Afghanistan, concerns every person on this planet.

Unfortunately our enemies are those who exaggerate the presentation of that experience with whatever is suitable for their greed so that is why they draw our picture in a very ugly way so we look like terrorists who thirst for blood and kill innocents and so can be considered the greatest threat to humans on earth.

Read the whole thing, as well as an explanation of sorts from ATCT‘s chief blogger, Leah Farrell.