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Warren Buffet: Scrap ObamaCare and Start Over

Warren Buffer, perhaps Obama’s most successful and influential supporter, tries to get Obama to save what’s left of his presidency by abandoning his push for ObamaCare

Americans should hope that President Obama ignores Warren Buffet’s warning. It is important that the White House is injured as badly as possible in the 2010 elections. Obama’s injury to his party will be greatest the more he pushes ObamaCare and the less he does to reign in Tim Geithner. So while it is best for the country for Obama to abandon his policy proposals and dismiss Tim Geithner, he should do so the day after the elections.

New York Times: Joe Stack Was Right

Slashdot links to two New York Times articles (one from 1998, one from 2010) condemning “Section 1706.”  This section was one of the reasons that Joe Stack flew a plane into an IRS building.

This is terrorism. We know who the terrorist is. But what is the cause of this terrorism?

In spite of the Treasury’s Department unjust actions here — actions so egregious they have provoked domestic terrorism — Tim Geithner has not called for the repeal of Section 1706, not said it will not be enforced — indeed, he has done nothing.

We need a Secretary of the Treasury who is tough on terrorism on tough on the causes of terrorism — not an enabler of terrorism, like Tim Geithner.

President Obama should be ashamed, not only for not calling this terrorism, but also for not upbraiding Tim Geithner for his failure to confront the causes of terrorism.

The Growing Isolation of Barack Obama

The last 24 hours may prove to be the most catastrophic day yet for the political fortunes of Barack Obama.

Yesterday, in a bitter move, Even Bayh (D-IN) withdrew from the Senate race, forfeiting his seat to the Republicans and giving his party only four working hours to find a replacement.

Then today, news came out that China has decided to scale back its bail-out of the US Treasury (which needs the money, because of the bailouts of Obama campaign supporters, such as the Detroit and Wall Street speculators).

Obama has known since the beginning that he is selling our country to the Chinese to pay for his expansion of the Welfare State. I wonder if the Law Instructor was smart enough to know that he was selling his own agenda, too?

Another Victory

Obama has pre-emptively fired Erroll Southers, his choice to head the TSA. By proposing to put a union organizer in charge of the TSA, Obama was indicating his preference for union politics over keeping Americans safe.  (I am not exagerating, politicians have to expect a few Americans to die, here and there, but union politics is a systemic influence on American politics). Good show!

Now declare ObamaCare dead, withdraw your nomination of Ben Bernanke, fire Tim Geithner, instruct the Attorney General to investigate the Oligarchs, and unleash Arnie Duncan.