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Pro-Criminal Rally turns Violent

Back in April, I wrote “My suspicion at the time of the Jena 6 nonsense was that it was an attempt by black leaders to harm Obama, to show their power and ability to extort him in the future.”

This may be round 3:

Peaceful Oakland rally marred by vandalism – San Jose Mercury News
OAKLAND — The morning after a handful of vandals hijacked an otherwise peaceful rally against police abuse, several business owners and workers patched up broken windows and tried to resume their normal routines.

Mayor Ron Dellums and police Chief Wayne Tucker, meantime, met with business leaders and said in an afternoon news conference that the city will be taking additional steps — including the employment of private security patrols — to try to prevent more damage and restore people’s confidence in coming to downtown Oakland.

The background of this is the death of Oscar Grant, a fellow with a lengthy criminal record, following reports of an intergroup fight (classic honor-seeking pack behavior) on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

I hope President-Elect Obama is wise enough to see the trap that “civil rights leaders” and liberals are setting for him, and stays out of the controversy.

The Oscar Grant Shooting

Please correct me if my impression is wrong. I have not been following the story.

As I understand what happened:

  • Oscar Grant and a pack of criminals were involved in a running fight with another pack of criminals
  • Police officers, outnumbered by the pack, detain Oscar and others.
  • Oscar Grant struggles against the officers, and is shot.
  • Local criminals proceed to riot, angered by the use of police powers against criminal packs

Am I missing something? It appears to be a scene from The Searchers come to life, with Oscar Grant and the BART playing the role of Indian raiders and the local awakening council.

A thank you to Stephen Pampinella, who mentioned the shooting in a recent blog post and attracted my attention to the Oakland Riots.