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Big 12 North Champions, Again

Nebraska is now back-to-back champions of the Big 12 North.

This means that Nebraska will play in the last scheduled Big 12 Championship game. With our departing our ancient sisters in the old Missouri Valley and leaving to the old Western Conference, the Big 12 falls below the treshhold required to hold a championship game.

With yesterday’s victory by Oklahoma over Oklahoma State, that last game will be played by ancient rivals OU and NU… the way it should end.

Go Huskers!

A Big 12 North Day

You may recall that shortly after (Big 12 South) Texas A&M’s loss to (Big 12 North) Nebraska, Texas A&M’s President cut and run, taking a cushy government job instead of facing the Big 12 North again.

Good thing, too, as the two highest ranked Big 12 South teams fell specularly to Big 12 North schools:

#3 Oklahoma 24, Colorado 27
#7 Texas 21, Kansas State 41

Our Nebraska Cornhuskers didn’t have the luxury of playing a push-over from the Big 12 South junior leagues. We played a fellow Big 12 North Team

#25 Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17

My thanks to ESPN U GameCast and Huskers Radio for helping me keep up to date on games that weren’t aired in my area.