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My Brother and My Father

My dad is on some pain killers following his operation, so during the 11 o’clock hour — when he is normally the most active — his pulse did not exceed 91 beets/second. So other than a confirmation that he would soon be moved from critical to pulmonary (merely because the successful tracheotomy means he doesn’t need round-the-clock attention, but does need special attention to his breathing tube) I don’t know much.

My brother, Catholicgauze, has also been following the events. WhileI have let tdaxp become far more of a personal blog than Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze over the past many days, my brother’s words are more concise and less technical.

He has written four dad-related posts:

My dad’s heart attack was the Saturday for last. With this post my first writing on his illness, titled “Sick,” falls off this blog’s front page.

Good news, as it goes

I have not seen it yet, but the staff and my family are reporting that my father is opening his eyes now and again. This appears to be a reflex, but the progressively higher reflexes being shown are hopeful signs. (On Saturday my dad reacted to sensation by posturing, yesterday he began reacting in specific ways, by withdrawing a foot from tickling and so forth, and now the eyelid control.) So the neurologist tells us.

I hope & pray that “recovery” will actually be part of the long-term recovery process we hear about. My dad loves reading, especially history and biographies. Even if he is ill, if he can read, understand, and remember, he will be happy. But I know that even if his body is healthy, if reading is stolen from him he won’t be happy. I hope & pray so much that he will be happy and healthy.

I hope & pray so much that he will live.

My dad is still in critical care, and the hospital has a little waiting room just for his family and friends. I am there now, typing this. I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

Keep them coming!