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Call for chapters: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?”


Many thinkers have proposed a system of “generations” or “gradients” of warfare. Early literature on the subject was written in 2003 by David Steele and in 2004 by Willam Lind and Thomas X. Hammes.

As America begins to wind-down her involment in Iraq, escalates her presence in Afghanistan, and moves to a new era with the inaguration of Barack Obama, knowledge of the future of war is more important than ever. “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?” will address the debate surrounding 5GW, including the rival Generations of Modern Warfare (GMW) and xGW frameworks. Other perspectives are encouraged, as well.

Possible Topics

Possible topics covering all aspects of 5GW include

  • Historical examples of 5GW
  • The validity (or lack therefore) of 5GW speculation
  • The future of 5GW
  • A possible “sunset” of 5GW, after which 5GWs will no longer occur
  • Policy responses to 5GW
  • Integration of 5GW with other approaches in order to further the national interest
  • 5GW and “boots on the ground”
  • xGW v. GMW
  • Other 5GW-related topics


Following Nimble’s standard guidelines, the entire volume will be between 60 – 120 pages, on 8 x 10 paper, amounting to 15,000 to 40,000 words total.

Both original and repurposed contributions are encouraged. The Nimble Standard Contributors Contract (PDF) and Nimble Marketing Playbook are available online.

The format of this work will be similar to Mark Sanfraski (Ed.)’s The John Boyd Roundtable: Debating Science, Strategy, and War

Please e-mail all inquiries and proposal submissions to dan@tdaxp.com, or leave a reply to this page below.

This volume will follow the Nimble content, procedure, and style guidelines for edited volumes.