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The Silence of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader

South Dakota bloggers, both Republicans and Democrats, are slamming the Argus Leader‘s hypocritical and sanctimonious non-coverage of the Clean Cut Kid imbroglio.

Like almost everyone else, the behavior of the mainstream media can be predicted this prediction: They love themselves, their friends, and their families more than they love you. The Argus Leader‘s combination of political and personal bias is sickening. The Sioux Falls paper is not reporitng on political news happening down the block, though both regional (Yankton, Rapid City) and national (The Hill, Associated Press) sourcs are.

Fortunately the Mount Rushmore State has a blogosphere capable and responsible enough to criticize the Argus Leader when it’s wrong. And this is one of those times.

Clean Cut Kid Embezzles $100,000

Clean Cut Kid was one of the first blogs I read. For the first few months of tdaxp‘s existence, CCK himself, Chad Schuldt, was kind enough to comment here on several occasions. As recently as April he linked to my analysis of Congress’s low approval ratings.

Not every blogger was so well treated. CCK tried to get Sibby, a local paleocon blogger, fired from his job as Toshiba.

Chad has now been fired for embezzling a hundred thousand dollars from Hildebrand Tewes, a consultancy that has worked for Senator Tom Daschle and Senator Barack Obama. Dakota War College is right to say this is a sad day for all concerned. Both the left-leaning S.D. Watch and the right-leaning South Dakota Politics share their thoughts.

Misguided Politics of Personal Destruction (Clean Cut Kid Should Know Better)

Republican Party Vice Chair needs a lesson in flag etiquette,” by Seth Hahn, Clean Cut Kid, 20 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/20/republican-party-vice-chair-needs-a-lesson-in-flag-etiquette/.

Far too often, we confuse agreement with virtue. People say that Osama bin Laden and Abu Zarqawi are stupid, or foolish, or cowardly. In fact they are smart, wise, and brave. Politcally, I have heard men such as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore called dumb when both are intelligently acting on a dream for the future.

No matter who you are, your long-time enemy is probably smart. If he was stupid he would have failed by now. Zarqawi does know better, Limbaugh does know better, Moore does know better, Hu Jintao does know better.

However, an enemy can be stupid. Enemy actions can be stupid. Serious thinkers have argued that the anti-Iraqi insurgents are losers. Just losing isn’t a sign of stupidity — it can be a sign of weakness or growth. But losing combined with counter-productive attacks can be.

An enemy that loses and isolates himself may be acting stupidly.

I apologize for the long prologue. I don’t share Collounsbury‘s penchant for pithiness. I try to be polite. I thought over my original comment and this post, and I am now convinced.

Seth Hahn’s attack is stupid. Just stupid.

I was driving through Rapid City today and remembered a house with obscene amounts of Republican propaganda plastered over the front yard and on the vehicles in the driveway during the election. The house is very nice, in a nice neighborhood, neatly trimmed lawn, perfectly manicured hedges, flags draped just outside the door…

Whoah. Wait a minute. That flag is improperly displayed. It is hung vertically with the union in the observer’s upper right. But subsection (i) of U.S. Code 4.1.7 quite clearly and in plain English says:

When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.

Basically, the stars always go in the upper left.

But it gets much, much more interesting than a rabid Republican not knowing how to display a flag.

It turns out that this particular rabid Republican is Elli Schwiesow, Vice Chair of the South Dakota Republican Party and Immediate Past President of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women.

Elli, it’s pretty hard to be a higher up in the party claiming to respect and revere the flag when you won’t even take the time to learn how to properly display it in front of your own house.

If you know Elli, feel free to send her in the direction of this website. I’d be happy to discuss correct American flag position and manner of display with her any time. In fact, I will personally correct her mistake and hang it correctly for her. This is something I can do because I respect the flag enough to take the time to learn the rules for its display.

Mrs./Ms. Schwiesow, I’m sure our veterans appreciate your slap in the face!

The post tries to be a 4GPS1/Node Takedown/Politics-of-personal-destruction attack/. I just makes Seth look petty.

It’s a self-inflicted moral Isolation [PISRR] attack.

Moving out of Iowa, I cut myself. That was stupid. Most self-inflicted wounds are.

Argus Leader: CCK "Isn’t Dealing With Reality"

Ellsworth and BRAC,” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 13 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/13/ellsworth.

Thune Asking South Dakotans for Money the Same Day Ellsworth Set for Closure,” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 15 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/15/thune-asking-south-dakotans-for-money-the-same-day-ellsworth-set-for-closure/#comments.

“Ellsworth Closing,” Sioux Falls Argus Leader, page 10B, 15 May 2005.

It really appears [Senator] John [Thune] is looking out for John and little else.


Some would call [Senator Thune] a liar, and you can include me in that camp. Perhaps if he wasn’t jetting around the country going to rap concerts with Laura Ingraham, hanging out at Augusta National at the Master’s Golf Tournament, preparing for a run for higher office, and spending an inordinate amount of time raising money for Republicans, Johnny could have spent a few more minutes of his time engaging in ear-whispering to save the $270 million that is about to be withdrawn from the pockets of Rapid Citians.

In other words: Senator Thune doesn’t care about Ellsworth.

South Dakota’s liberal newspaper, the Argus Leader, disagrees

Some will say this wouldn’t have happened, had former Sen. Tom Daschle won his race against Thune in November.

Let it go. The base closure process was designed specifically to be above politics, and by and large, that’s been true. Anyone who thinks our congressional delegation hasn’t been doing all that was possible to keep Ellsworth open just isn’t dealing with reality. The stakes – political and otherwise – are too high.

In fact, [Governor Mike] Rounds says our delegation has been “in lock step” on keeping Ellsworth open. Partisan politics haven’t been a factor, he said. “There is no split on the issue,” he said.”

So who do South Dakota liberals (all three of them) believe: CCK or the Argus Leader?

This isn’t the first time liberals in South Dakota have not been coherent.

Though it is new for Senator Johnson to act surprised be Ellsworth. Along with Daschle, Johnson heroically moved to put Ellsworth on the chopping block.

Thanks Tim.

The Party of God (Or Not)

Religion shouldn’t play role in awards,” by Stu Whitney, Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 29 April 2005, http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050429/COLUMNISTS05/504290334/1062/COLUMNISTS.

Stu Whitney and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 13 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/13/stu-whitney-and-the-fellowship-of-christian-athletes-fca/.

Dan M.” by Chad Schuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 13 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/13/stu-whitney-and-the-fellowship-of-christian-athletes-fca/.

Remember how the South Dakota Democrat netroots found Religion?


Neither do they

Speaking at the Elmen Center last spring, former University of Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown told about 400 high school students that homosexuality is a sin.

As some in the audience shifted uncomfortably, Brown went on to tell his young listeners that more than 43 million babies have been “executed” since abortion was made legal in America.

If the former coach was addressing a Christian youth rally, his fervor may have seemed fitting. But the majority of these students were from the Sioux Falls School District, and they were excused from class to attend a sports-based awards luncheon.The event, held for the 34th time Wednesday, is a local tradition known as the Honor Athlete Awards. Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, it rewards college and high school students for excellence in athletic and academic achievement, as well as community involvement.

“It’s unique to have the FCA, the schools and the city all together,” says Hugh Venrick, who represents the chamber’s Sports and Recreation Committee. “To my knowledge, it’s the only event like this in the country.”But some of the FCA-picked speakers, especially Brown, have offered a message radical enough to make the event’s connection to the city and school district appear inappropriate.

We still separate church and state in this country – which means public schools should not be involved in the promotion of religious beliefs. Period.


I guess Whitney’s remarks are another example of Christians being “persecuted”, based on some of the letters that have found their way into the Argus opinion page. It always scares me to read letters from fundamentalist Christians because they represent fringe groups that are what is worst about what is not only my favorite religion, but the faith I try to teach my children. When I read what these fundamentalist wackos write, half the time I’m not sure how to react after I pick myself up off the floor.

My thinking lately is not only am I offended because these wackos have distorted my religion, but I have to wonder how much faith these fundamentalists really hold. And this probably applies less to this public-school sanctioned sports award banquet, but it does cut across all the wacky activity we have seen spring up in the past several years involving the crossing of religion with public schools and other government entities: Do these “Christians” have so little faith in the power of the message of Jesus Christ they feel it is necessary to subvertly use government to force religion on those who may or may not want to hear the message.

and, it gets even stranger

You are correct. Perhaps I should have been more clear: This event was not a school event – it was paid for with private funds.

So what’s the issue?

In South Dakota, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is up with 4H and the National Rifle Association as universally adored entities. FCA is also popular nationally. The insanity of attacking the FCA is beyond me. CCK Chad denies he is doing that — Chad is incoherent wrong.

This also highlights a real problem for Dems, both stateside and nationally. The national Democrats have stuck to a simple message – “No!” – on every issue. A fast decision cycle (OODA: Observe: “Bush is saying something.” Orient: “We oppose Bush.” Decide: “Say ‘No!'” Act: “No!”) and a coherent message are advantages of the Second Generation of Modern Politics (2GP) approach.

South Dakota netroots are trying for maneuver politics — Third Generation of Modern Politics (3GP). But without an idea of how to maneuver, and with no ideas of what to maneuver for, maneuvers become flip-flips. Pretend to be the party of God? Great idea! Criticize the too Godly? Great idea! See any problem with this incoherence? Absolutely not!

The South Dakota Democrats should do a Herseth — adopt Republican principles in a Republican state — or a Reid — at least act coherently. Currently the Sodakdem netroots are doing neither.

Update: Shout-out to Chad at CCK, for spotting a technical problem on this page.

CCK Sees Social Security Clearly (And Helps Bush)

John Thune Wants to Steal Your Social Security Money,” by Chad Shuldt, Clean Cut Kid, 29 April2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/04/29/john-thune-want-to-steal-your-social-security-money/.

Social Security’s Progressive Paradox,” by Julian Sanchez, Reason, 2 May 2005, http://www.reason.com/links/links050205.shtml (from South Dakota Politics).

Remember this?

Key: Blue, rejectionists; Red, reformers; Orange, rejectionists ready to deal; Dark Blue, extreme rejectionists; solid lines, mutual support; arrow lines, mutual opposition

It shows a successul 4GP network attack on a 2GP defending network. It shows the current state of the social security debate, with the (mostly Republican) Reformists splitting the (mostly Democrat) Rejectionist camp by offering progressive indexing.

The success comes from Bush splintering the Democrat network. While mainstream liberals such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Washington Post are urging Democrats to compromise, netroots such as CCK have different ideas

There is one proposal out there that is based around “progressive” indexing, and it’s likely to be presented to Congress since “everything is on the table” (other than keeping Social Security as close to possible in its current state). But make no mistake about it, progressive indexing is just another scheme to rob working people of the money they have already paid into the system through taxation on every dollar they worked to earn.

Now, CCK is right that progressive indexing is an attempt to re-welfare-ize social security..

Neither is the notion of Social Security as “insurance” terribly coherent, if it ever was. Even when Social Security was first instituted, over half of Americans who reached the age of 21 would survive past age 65. As of 1990 the percentages were over 72 percent for men and 83 percent for women. Aging is not a “risk” to “insure” against; it’s a normal part of life to plan for.

What worries liberals about progressive indexing, and about the shift to a more overtly welfare-like Social Security system, is that welfare benefits tend to be politically unpopular—and much easier to cut than benefits perceived as universal. Social Security, in other words, is a massive Rube Goldberg device, an ornate and utterly superfluous system of transfers from the middle and upper classes to themselves, the sole purpose of which is to construct—and conceal—a much smaller welfare machine for elderly retirees nestled deep in the guts of the meta-contraption. Some defenders of the status quo are now attempting—though they scarcely seem to believe it themselves—to argue that Social Security is no less vital for the middle class. But corner a progressive over a quiet drink and he’ll probably admit that, in fact, the only defensible purpose of Social Security is to ensure that nobody retires in poverty. There may be political reasons for cutting a monthly check to Bill Gates when he turns 65, but there are no sane policy reasons.

Yet here the irony. CCK sees the issue clearly — proressive indexing will “weaken” the ageist everyone-to-elderly income transfer aspect of Social Security. But his actions — begging the liberal leadership to get back in line and scaring the “masses” with pseudo-facts — disrupt his own network and make Bush’s job easier.

President Bush laid a political trap that SS Rejectionists jumped in to. That’s the power that comes from understanding modern politics clearly.

The Clumsy Politics of Personal Destruction

James Dobson,” Clean Cut Kid, 2 May 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/05/02/nuclear-option/.

I’ve written before on the proper use of the politics of personal destruction (4GPS1 Node Takedown). It serves the same purpose that assassinations do in 4GWS1: harm the enemy network by removing important members while building up renown.

Given that, what to make of CCK’s stab at personal destruction

Sometimes I don’t know why I even bother with these ridiculous organizations — this one in particular is Focus on the Family, run by James Dobson — that are funded and managed by extremist zealots. But it comes down to my faith. I am sick and tired of these groups taking my religion and distorting it to an unrecognizable pile of crap. I am tired of groups like Focus on the Family and people like James Dobson and Jerry Falwell using Christianity to forward a political agenda that is in so many ways un-Christian. I drive me so crazy that these people think they have a monopoly on Christian behavior when often their own behavior can easily be viewed as just the opposite.

James Dobson believes in the use of beatings as discipline on children as young as 18 months. Dobson has used the discipline he used with his dog to illustrate the “correct” way to discipline a child.

Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.

What is CCK trying to accomplish? Clearly its not reporting the truth, as his post is full of distortions. If it’s node takedown, then he fatally dilutes the effort by criticizing the entire bureaucracy (the point is to alienate the node from his subnet, not glue them together). Maybe it’s just to scare fellow liberals into line, but that’s 2G politics and foolish besides: there are more Republicans than Democrats in South Dakota, so attackign the GOP through nonideological massess plays to the Republicans’ strengths.

My guess: CCK doesn’t know what he is doing.


South Dakotan War on Terrorism (CCK: Daschle is a Traitor)

Box Elder, South Dakota’s Next Ghost Town?,” by Seth Hahn, Clean Cut Kid, 16 March 2005, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/03/16/box-elder-south-dakotas-next-ghost-town/.

The word “patriotism” comes from the Greek word “patrios” — Fatherland. In Latin, “patrios” became “patria.” Patria” is commonly translated as “one’s country,” as in the poem, “Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori” (It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country). But “fatherland” is still a better translation. If the land is a father, then all males of the land are brothers: the patria is also a fratria — the Fatherland is a Brotherland. Not brothers in the biological sense, nor in the sense that I love Aaron and Rob as brothers, but nonetheless real brothers. Fellow citizens are brothers in the land.

The attacks of September 11th did not target South Dakota, and it is very unlikely that further al-Qaeda attacks would. But South Dakotans still have obligations to protect their brothers in New York and every other place where our enemies may attack. Only a terrible man would sacrifice his brothers’ safety for a small gain. Like the ancient traitors who opened city gates to enemy intruders, a man who steals his brothers’ security for silver is a failure.

Then why is new Clean Cut Kid Seth Hahn implying that Daschle was such a man?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has just nominated former Nevada Congressman James Bilbray to the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). As Minority Leader, Reid has the privilege of selecting one of the nine-person commission. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that defense experts say that “nation still has 25 percent more military base capacity than needed and $7 billion more might be saved.”

While this means that Nellis Air Force Base and Fallon Naval Air Station are safe, Ellsworth’s future, and the economic well-being of Western South Dakota are not so certain. State officials have recently “launched an all-out campaign to keep the base open” in an attempt to keep the $267 million in annual revenue that Ellsworth brings to the area.

It sure would be nice to have the Senate Minority Leader campaigning for us.

I would say it would be nice to have fratriots who love their brothers campaigning for the safety of us all.

In a comment, “Charley” says the same thing less poetically

Instead of our selfish, knee-jerk efforts to save Ellsworth as we bitch about the deficit and/or taxes we should look at whether or not it even makes sense to continue the base in SD.

Update: Seth continues his realistic attack on soldiers. Now, who does that remind me of in this book…?

Clean Cut Kid: South Dakota’s MyDD

Signing Off,” by Chad M. Shuldt, Clean Cut Kid, http://www.cleancutkid.com/2005/03/06/signing-off/, 6 March 2005.

Since I started blogging, I have used Clean Cut Kid as a resource. From speed limits to agriwelfare to abortion, he was a realiable source of Democrat partisan news from the Sunshine Mount Rushmore State.

His farewell post:

Dear Readers,

I am taking a (temporary or permanent — yet TBD) hiatus from daily writing on this site. I’ve taken a new job that involves politics and I will be working with different candidates and issues around the country. This would limit my ability to post on said candidates and issues, so I believe the best thing is for me to walk away and figure out how this fits together.

The new job, of course, will take up considerable time; leaving precious little of it to spend with my wife and three kids. I think I’d rather be spending that time with them than my computer screen.

I am considering farming out the site to someone who may be interested in writing here. It is a “somewhat” established blog — four months — with a strong traffic pattern established (averaging nearly 2000 unique visitors daily). If you or someone you know is interested, please send me an email with a writing sample. I will be upfront and say that I would prefer to turn the keys over to someone with a similar political bent.

This has been fun, and a great learning experience. I’ve also met a huge number of people through email conversations rooted from the site. I will continue to be in touch with you. And this is also not to say I will never be back here or anywhere else.

Best Regards,


Under Chad, CCK was The Coyote State’s own MyDD. They had the same strengths: timely updates on political news and everything affecting the strengths of the parties. They both had the same weaknesses. Both favored personal attacks. Likewise, both were harmed by their lack of ideology. While it is important not to be ideologically bigoted, CCK and MyDD both reflexively took the anti-Bush / anti-Republican side of an issue with very little thought.

But I checked CCK every day. I still do, hoping he will have “just one more” post. The Chinese Ringneck Pheasant State will miss Clean Cut Kid.