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Climate Change

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Two posts from two great writers. Guess which…

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released a report (PDF) on climate change with much media fan fare. The press hyped it as proving human-caused global warming and saying there are only ten years left to avoid disaster…. However, when “leading” scientists still cannot find blame enough to convict debate is open to causes. Instead of wasting time trying to find blame and using it as a political tool to enforce treaties which impose no regulations on serious offenders like China and India, let us spend resources on efforts to prepare any needed adaption. If one believes the IPCC report, this is the only reasonable option. Wineries once existed in England and Scotland but natural climate change put an end to that during the Little Ice Age. I am not saying we should not worry about climate change. One warming trend ended the last Ice Age and raised sea levels over 300 feet so there are hazards. All I am saying is we need to be realistic and not join a Robert Christopherson-style cult of global warming.

… is which …

And let me be clear on this: I’m not saying it’s unimportant or not real or not profound or not historic. It’s just that, as a grand strategist, I see the logical stimulus-reaction process at work here, with no obvious differentials on the downside that change my view of the world (it sucks to be poor, it’s much better to be developed)…

In short, I expect the usual: the less connected to get the shaft, the more connected to do just fine, and any resulting conflict to be insulatable by the Core. To the extent the “cure” emerges, it will involve new industries that favor the most risk tolerant and the most incentivized-by-rising-connectivity (as in, my New Core).

(The coolest part, of course, is that they both recently linked to me l-) ).