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Barack Obama, Please Flip-Flop on Colombia

In March, the Colombian Communist Rebels (FARC) were “at their lowest point in 44 years.”

It’s just gotten worse for them — and better for everyone else — sinc ethem

The Communists are in collapse.

The Communists’ high-profile hostages have been rescued.

Colombia, which is winning its war against Communist narco-terrorists, has the most successful President in the history of Latin America.

However, the real exist strategy is jobs.

Considering the little regard that Obama has for his own positions:

Just consider his evolution in a single month: Obama opposed welfare reform, and now he supports it. Obama supported the D.C. handgun ban, and now he believes it was unconstitutional. Obama said he would accept public financing, and now he won’t. Obama opposed immunity for telecommunications companies involved in terrorist surveillance, and now he supports it. Obama opposed the death penalty in all cases, and now believes it is justified in certain extreme instances. Obama supported immediate withdrawal from Iraq, and now he’ll listen to the commanders on the ground if they tell him to phase out the troops slowly.

Will Barack Obama now contradict himself, as support the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia?

It is important that the FTA with Colombia is signed. It is important that it is signed sooner, rather than later.

If Obama flip-flops now, he can help to embarras the Congressional Democrats who oppose the FTA, oppose the Colombian government, and therefore oppose winning the war against the Communists.

Barack Obama: flip-flop on the Colombian Trade Agreement now!

Canada – Colombia Free Trade Agreement Signed!

Congratulations to Canada and Colombia for signing a free trade agreement. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have prevented our country from having free trade agreements with Colombia and Korea, and previously (and unsuccessfully) fought the DR-CAFTA trade agreement with central America, and NAFTA with Mexico.

Power Line: Canada, Colombia Conclude Free Trade Agreement
The Democrats have blocked consideration of the free trade agreement between the U.S. and Colombia, a key ally in Latin America. This is perverse, since nearly all of Colombia’s goods already enter the U.S. tariff-free, while the agreement would open Colombia’s market to American companies. Perverse, but consistent with Barack Obama’s policy of coddling our enemies while shafting our friends.

Now, Canada has announced that it has completed a trade agreement with Colombia. The agreement will be a boon to Canada’s economy

I suspect that John McCain, who supports free trade, is also happy at this news.

I suspect that Barack Obama, who is a well known critic of free trade, will be silent.

Democratic Congress against Colombia

Colombia is close to winning the war against Marxist rebels.

Let’s see if the Democrats in Congress can put a stop to it.

The silence from the Democratic presidential candidates is understandable, but still disappointing. From Hillary Clinton the silence sounds like hypocrisy: her husband did so much to advance free trade during his years in the White House. From Barack Obama it seems like a continuation of a pattern: fitting the rhetoric against middle-classness that has agreed with his actions for the past two decades.

Economics Lesson

John Robb and Elizabeth Warren may ignore it, but all real growth comes from growth in productivity.

The debate about the “stimulus” is bizarre, because it does not matter. Or more precisely, it lessons economic growth slightly while making people slightly happier about it. If you want economic growth, then invest in capital improvements, such as better communications, better machines, and better people. The stimulus does two things: it borrows money that would otherwise be invested to spend, and it makes peopel feel a bit better, so they are less likely to support some even crazier law. Fortunately, it looks like much of the stimulus/rebate checks will be used to pay-down debt, minimizing the displaced investment and hopefully keeping the opium-like mood benefits “free money” provides.

If you want economic growth, import high-skill workers. Currently, the Congress limits the number of high-skill workers who can help our economy.

If you want economic growth, trade more with other countries. Currently, the Congress is refusing to vote on a free trade deal with Columbia.

If you want economic growth, make it tax-free to invest. Currently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton support raising the capital gains tax.

Against the New Core

The Seattle Times editorializes on Barack Obama’s opposition to trade with the New Core, those billions of new capitalists who have come online since the end of the Cold War:

The Democratic presidential candidates, instead of bashing international trade, should be touting its contribution to shoring up a souring economy.

In 2007, exports rose 12 percent to a record $1.6 trillion in goods and services, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. That growth accounted for more than one-quarter of the increase in the gross domestic product.Exports are one of the few bright spots in an economy that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledges appears to be heading into recession. And the relative strength of Washington state’s economy — where one in every three jobs is trade-related — is testimony to the benefits of trade.

But that point is all but ignored in Sen. Barack Obama’s remarks prepared for an AFL-CIO meeting Wednesday in Philadelphia.

“Now, if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll acknowledge that we can’t stop globalization in its tracks and that opening new markets to our goods can help strengthen our economy,” Obama’s speech reads.

Would he want to? Really? Stop it in its tracks?

Obama goes on to promise the union members he’ll vote against the pending trade agreements with South Korea and Colombia, and he’ll oppose permanent normal trade relations with China.

Besides the hope that Obama is lying or naive, is there any defense for Obama’s words?

Try Hugo Chavez in the ICC

Colombia: Latin America tries to defuse escalating crisis | csmonitor.com

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe said Tuesday that his government would ask the International Criminal Court to try Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for financing and supporting Colombia’s main rebel group.

While the International Criminal Court is neither free nor independent from the United Nations , it and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights both provide forums where the President of Venezuela can be tried, and spend the rest of his life languishing in prison.

Now, to actually get Mr. Chavez in custody…

Hillary going the wrong way on free trade with Panama and Colombia

One of the hardest, but most important, tasks facing America is the integration of the Western hemisphere. But like the integration of Europe across the pond, the dream of the Americas is for half the world (by land and sea area) to live in peace, prosperity, and democracy. Certainly the New World stands a much better chance at tranquility than the old…

President Bush has been a tireless advocate of immigration, and bravely stood up against the hidebound of his own party in struggling for it. He failed, but he was on the right side.

Unlike Senator Clinton, who came out recently against even free trade deals with Columbia and Panama (hat-tip to Democratic Underground). Panama is a country created/liberated by the United States to build the Panama Canal, and Colombia (Panama’s previous sovereign) is facing a narco-fueled Marxist insurgency. Free trade in capital and goods is far easier to achieve than free trade in labor, yet Clinton opposes even that small step.

I hope Hilldog is being deceptive, like her husband rallied against NAFTA and the “butchers in Beijing” before signing a free trade deal with Mexico City and paving the way for China to join the WTO. Given that the Clinton circle is close to the Wall Street faction of the Democratic Party, I certainly think she is.

Still, it’s crummy to hope that politicians are lying. And opposing free trade with Columbia and Panama is a crummy thing for Hillary Clinton to do.