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The Collapsed Bridge in Minneapolis was Bombed by the Government!

No it wasn’t. That’s crazy.

Those who argue that we should not do this or that because it would allow enemies in the “Gap” to frame an issue one way or another should focus more on the conspiracy- and outrage- based nature of politics in the Gap.

Whether we unleash swamp-monsters on unsuspecting housewives or nuke Mecca, those trapped in the Gap experience humiliation because of their weakness and backwardness, not our misdeeds

Famous Dates of Conspiracy Theories (Possible 5GW Events)

5GW, or SecretWar, is a form of warfare that attacks an enemy’s observation capability. In a recent post, Purpeslog wrote (emphasis and link mine):

A 5GW operation will create conditions and contingencies to avoid detection by hiding among the crazies. I can see where parts of an operation might purposely be exposed and then linked with false information and crazy theories to discourage real investigation. All of this is aimed at the observation part of the OODA loop of the opponent.

In that vein, Adam of The Metropolis Times has just finished his series on conspiracy politics. On that note, six (possibly 5GW) dates that will live in history

Anarcho-Conspiracy Theorists Against the Iraq War

tdaxp has a mole!

Faithful tdaxp reader Catholicgauze has entered DC and acquired an (albeit temporary) position at a “non-political” institution in that city. Catholicgauze was kind enough to provide the blogosphere with some photos of an anti-war demonstration

Anarchists: The Scary Kind
Anarchists: The Even Scarier Kind
Bush, Cheney, Rummi, and Rice are
mass murderers and the Illuminati
They planned & executed 9-11
Arrest Them Now

Vast Right Wing Cole-Spiracy

Guerrillas Kill 6 Iraqi Soldiers, Wound 25,” by Juan Cole, Informed Consent, http://www.juancole.com/2005/03/guerrillas-kill-6-iraqi-soldiers-wound.html, 2 March 2005.

US mainstream media appears to have behind the scenes instructions not to mention unions if at all possible (older television actors remember this instruction being explicit back in the 1960s with regard to dramas.)

Remember: when there’s a simple explanation (MSM don’t care, MSM isn’t aware of unions as a force, MSM is too busy snubbing world leaders to spare time for Dr. Cole’s pet causes, etc) and a quasi-Marxist conspiracy theory, go with the Marxism.