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Ups and Down from Dell Customer Service

I spilled coffee next to my laptop the other day. It didn’t spill on my laptop, but a slight warp my ancient desk (old, sturdy, and useful, though not an antique) made the liquid cool under the bottom vents of the laptop. So of course it stopped working.

I called up Dell, and they said they would send out a box the next day via DHL. Further, I didn’t even need to be home! They would just leave the box there, and then I would call DHL for a pick-up time.

Even better, after I hung up, they said to call DHL directly, and DHL would pick it up!

So I call DHL, they tell me the Dell email is in error, and indeed I have to wait for the box. Then, the delibery doesn’t come for two days. Even better, DHL left a note saying they couldn’t deliver, because a signature is required. In other words, Dell was wrong: I need to be home when the box shows up.

Fortunately, my computer since tried out and spontaneously started working on its own.

Updated: Dell customer service came through!

On the subject of bad service…

So I have my lawyer and PurpleSlog has his gripes.. let’s add Dell / DHL to the list.

My AC adapter died the other day, so I called Dell emphasizing the severity of the situation, noting that I oversaw the purchase of four laptops from them, and encouraging them to get it shipped the next day. Then… nothing.

Well, this morning, I received two emails from Dell, each informing me the replacement part was shipped on the 24th. Checking the DHL tracking number provided, I see that DHL (while not leaving any sort of note on the door) has already tried to deliver twice.

So (a) Dell, for its sloppy customer service, and (b) DHL (I think) for its stealth non-notification of delivery attempts.