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Clinton Right on Petraeus. Bush and McCain are too.

McCain convinced Bush. Then he convinced me. Now he has convinced Clinton: the Petraeus, Surge, and COIN are the way to go:

Clinton Praises Petraeus – The Caucus – Politics – New York Times Blog
CHARLESTON, W.V. – As critical as she is about the Bush administration’s conduct of the Iraq war, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a relatively rare shout-out to the military’s top man in Baghdad, General David Petraeus, calling him “an extraordinary leader and a wonderful advocate for our military.”

The commanding general, who has been a target of antiwar opponents and liberal groups like Moveon.org, has been a strong supporter of the escalation of American troops in Iraq, a strategy that Mrs. Clinton and Senator Barack Obama have opposed.

But Mrs. Clinton, as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has had opportunities to talk and meet with General Petraeus about military matters over the years, and some aides say that she respects his expertise.

Major props for Bush for being stubborn enough to keep the war going until he found what worked, McCain for harranging him until he accepted the right answer, and Clinton for adjusting her positions as facts changed.

Bush is serious about natural defense. McCain and Clinton are the two serious Presidential candidates when it comes to national defense.