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Not rogue. Just not enough.

Enterra has at least three great bloggers on their payroll: Barnett, Deichman, and of course CEO Stephen DeAngelis, writing at Enterprise Resilience Management Blog. ERMB‘s latest post, on China in Africa, contains this paragraph:

African countries will not experience sustainable economic growth by relying on the export of natural resources. One of the reasons that Tom Barnett and I came up with the idea for Development-in-a-Boxâ„¢ was to break this cycle of reliance and help countries develop the diverse economic base and create the jobs they need to prosper. Until China understands which of their programs are helpful and which are harmful, their ventures in Africa will continue to bear the rogue label.

The reason that things are labeled in political discourse is, of course, political. China is a pro-business capitalist state, and it is no surprise that she draws attacks from anti-business and anti-capitalist groups. It’s chic at best and harmless at worst to have a quirky ideology that ruins your productivity and kills millions of your citizens. But become productive and compete? That makes you rogue.

Africa is not so far away (from China)

That said, if we wish to criticize Beijing for not doing enough, we surely can. Perhaps the greatest technologies in the history of man are the police and ecological homogenization. The benefits of police are clear: a drastic reduction in violence and associated reputation-/pride-/face-/honor- related killings. Ecological homogenization, the reduction in diversity in a climate region, reduces the pathogenic load on a population, increasing average intelligence as the body has to spend less effort resisting diseases during development

If we really wanted China to help in Africa, we would encourage Chinese police to patrol African cities and Chinese industry to engage in continental climate change.

Of course, that would be labeled “rogue,” too.

Congratulations Steve!

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Names Enterra Solutions
CEO Stephen F. DeAngelis as Visiting Scientist
,” Enterra Solutions, 5 September 2006, http://www.enterrasolutions.com/samples/enterra/assets/ORNL%20SFD%20Visiting%20Scientist.pdf.

Stephen DeAngelis, founder and CEO of Enterra Solutions, has been named a “Visiting Scientist” by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Enterra Solutions, LLC, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) announced today that Enterra CEO Stephen F. DeAngelis has been named a visiting scientist with the Laboratory. DeAngelis will collaborate with the Laboratory to define a strategic scientific agenda that brings together multidisciplinary areas including geopolitics, emerging threats (such as nuclear, biological and chemical weapons), advanced information technologies and knowledge management approaches.

“I am excited to strengthen Enterra’s ties to Oak Ridge,” DeAngelis said. “I look forward to building bridges between scientific disciplines to create next-generation solutions for both national security and commercial applications. This collaboration will provide an exciting venue for scientists and academics to explore how to make the world more resilient in the age of globalization.”

CEO. Scientist. Blogger. Lookin’ good, Steve.

Enterra groupies will remember that Enterra’s Senior Managing Director, grand strategist Thomas Barnett, is already involved with ORNL.