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Like Dogs or Escapees

Terror suspects escape US Afghan base,” by Mark Tran, The Guardian, 11 July 2005, http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/story/0,1284,1526159,00.html.


US forces today launched a manhunt after four prisoners escaped from Bagram, the main US base in Afghanistan.

The men, described as “dangerous enemy combatants”, got away from the sprawling Bagram Air Base to the north of Kabul at about 5am local time (0130 BST), US officials said.

The Arabic television channel al-Jazeera quoted unnamed sources as saying the four men were Arabs, but a US official declined to confirm this.


So on what side does the military error: tying up inmates like dogs, preventing escape, or treating them in a way that isn’t embarrassing in the morning, preventing moral isolation?

Come to think of it, why is the kill-people-and-known-down-stuff portion of our military handling prisoners at all? Shouldn’t that be someone else’s core competency? Like a System Administrator?