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Obama as an inexperienced Commander

Nice put-down of Barack Obama from General Petreaus. I’m not really a fan of the military speaking out on political decisions (I bit my lip during the Fox Fallon affair, for instance), but if CENTCOM CinCs are going to talk to the media about it, there’s no reason that only Obama voters should have the right.

The Weekly Standard
Gen. Petraeus doesn’t think it’s time to declare victory…

I remember some hopeful Obama supporters back in the day, excited because Obama secretly really like Petraeus, respected the man, and would support what it takes to win.

That was a foolish belief. Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election. He has already declared Mission Accomplished. He’s proud of his “animated” meeting with Petraeus, and wasn’t ashamed of his disgraceful and lazy treatment of the General on 9/11/07.

I am happy that the General is now fighting back, though if Obama wins, this may cost him his job.